Water diversion

Diverting water away from its natural channel for commercial or private use.

Diverting water permanently or temporarily for construction purposes, e.g., in river or stream beds, to install sediment control, stormwater devices or when realigning a waterway, can significantly affect the natural character of a waterway and the surrounding habitat. Water is diverted using instream barriers such as dams , weirs, culverts, canals, and pipes that are used in the construction process.

Water may either be diverted into or away from a waterway. This can significantly change flow and water levels. For example stormwater drains and pipes discharge water and its associated contaminants into a waterway, thereby increasing flow and turbidity. Alternatively, realignment of a waterway may direct water away from its natural flow which may reduce water levels and significantly alter a waterways natural characteristics. Diverting water can permanently impact on water quality and mahinga kai and requires a resource consent.


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