Climate & Weather

Understanding our variable and changing climate is critical for managing resources and reducing risks.

  • Mā te haumaru ō ngā puna wai ō Rākaihautū ka ora mō ake tonu: Increasing flood resilience

    Research Project
    This five-year NIWA-led research programme is developing a system to map flood hazard consistently across the whole country. It will reveal how our flood risk might change over the next 100 years because of changes to rainfall and sea level from climate change, as well as due to land-use changes. Find out more.
  • Forecasting weather systems

    Research Project
    NIWA’s research into forecasting weather systems aims to increase the resilience of New Zealand communities to weather-related hazards.
  • NIWA Weather: public weather forecasting

    NIWA Weather is NIWA's public facing weather forecasting website.
  • Climate Change Adaptation Toolbox

    This Toolbox helps you find out about the changing climate, what it might mean for your business, organisation or community and what you can do about it.
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    'Seven-station' series temperature data

    Research Project
    NIWA's long-running 'seven-station' series shows NZ's average annual temperature has increased by about 1 °C over the past 100 years.
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    Overview of New Zealand's climate

    Find information about New Zealand's temperature record and climate change in our information and resources section.
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    Climate extremes

    Hottest, coldest, wettest, driest, sunniest, windiest...which places hold the record for climate extremes in NZ?
  • Gannet colony

    Seasonal Climate Outlook

    Publication series
    Air temperature, rainfall, soil moisture and river flow predictions for the coming season.
  • Providing climate change advice for New Zealand

    Regional-scale climate projections assist local authorities to assess risks presented by climate change now and prepare their communities for the future impacts.
  • Climate Present and Past

    Research Project
    Climate Present and Past is a core-funded project under NIWA's National Climate Centre. It aims to explore historical climate data and track past changes in climate through a range of approaches.
  • SCO - HowItStarted.png

    NIWA's Silver Climate Jubilee: Celebrating 25 Years of Seasonal Forecasting

    Media release
    July 2024 marks a special anniversary for NIWA - 25 years of issuing our Seasonal Climate Outlook.
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    Climate change is making scientists reassess what is “normal”  

    Media release
    NIWA has completed a major project to analyse how New Zealand’s “climate normals” are shifting.