Climate & Weather

Understanding our variable and changing climate is critical for managing resources and reducing risks.

  • NiwaWeather-app

    NIWA Weather

    NIWA Weather is NIWA's public facing weather forecasting website. You'll find 2-day, hour-by-hour forecasts for locations across Aotearoa New Zealand, as well as forecast videos by our in-house meteorologists, animations showing rain forecasts, tide forecasts and NIWA's daily UV index.
  • Sunrise from Brooklyn Hill


    This calculator estimates the solar energy that can be collected by a solar capture device (solar panel) at a given address, panel direction and roof slope.
  • Our Future Climate New Zealand

    Our Future Climate New Zealand is an interactive tool that explores projected temperature and rainfall maps for New Zealand and charts for a selection of locations and times forward to 2100.
  • Hotspot Watch 13 October 2023

    A weekly update describing soil moisture patterns across the country to show where dry to extremely dry conditions are occurring or imminent.
  • New tool revolutionising drought forecasts

    Media release
    A newly launched tool developed by NIWA and the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) to predict dryness and drought will help farmers and growers be better prepared for challenging weather conditions.
  • Extreme weather research gets a boost

    Media release
    NIWA has launched a $5 million per year package of new projects aiming to tackle some of New Zealand’s most pressing challenges, including responding to and preparing for extreme weather events.
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    Help using the National Climate Database (CliFlo)

  • Government review of weather forecasting system – Statement by NIWA Chief Executive John Morgan

    Media release
    "We are pleased with and support Treasury and MBIE’s review of weather forecasting announced by Minister Webb."
  • Matariki viewing prospects 2023

    Media release
    NIWA meteorologists say people living in the North Island are likely to get the best views of the Matariki star cluster, particularly on Friday morning.
  • 2023 so far: NZ’s record-breaking weather

    Media release
    We’re only halfway through the year, but new NIWA analysis shows some parts of New Zealand have already recorded more than a year’s worth of rain.
  • El Niño: NIWA explains

    News article
    El Niño is on its way, with whispers it could cause the Earth’s warmest ever year. But what is it? NIWA scientists tell all.
  • New maps reveal places at risk from sea-level rise

    Media release
    New maps from NIWA and the Deep South National Science Challenge show areas across Aotearoa New Zealand that could be inundated by extreme coastal flooding.