Climate Present and Past

Climate Present and Past is a core-funded project under NIWA's National Climate Centre. It aims to explore historical climate data and track past changes in climate through a range of approaches.

  • Overview and objectives

    Overview and objectives of the Climate Present and Past project.
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    Climate Summary for September 2023

    Publication issue
    New Zealand’s warmest September on record
  • Outputs and accomplishments

    Outputs and accomplishments partly or fully funded under the Climate Present and Past project in recent years.
  • People

    Key people involved in Climate Present & Past, including our external research partners.
  • Southwest Pacific climate

    Our southwest Pacific research focuses on recent and historic climate and weather activity, including our involvement in ACRE Pacific data rescue.
  • New Zealand climate

    New Zealand climate research in Climate Present and Past focuses on trends, extremes, and variability of rainfall, temperature and atmospheric circulation.
  • Palaeoclimate

    NIWA conducts a wide range of paleoclimate research to help us define and understand what the climate was doing before we had instruments to record it.
  • Historic climate

    An overview of historical climate work completed under Climate Present and Past project.
  • Southern Alps glaciers

    Long-term photographic documentation of Southern Alps glacier responses to climate variability and change.