Voyage update 1 from Evan Solly, Ice Pilot

Ice Pilot Evan Solly gives an update from the first week on-board NIWA's research vessel Tangaroa as they embark on a six-week voyage to Antarctica.

Tangaroa 2101 Antarctic voyage report #1

 All crew joined the vessel at “Burnham Wharf” on the morning of the 3rd Jan, mobilisation commenced. Shifted “Tangaroa” with the on-board assistance of a Wellington harbour pilot from Burnham wharf to Aotea quay (AQ5) at 14:00 in a light drizzle and slight sea.

RV Tangaroa departs Wellington.

Congestion in “Evans Bay, Wellington”

Secured alongside in Wellington at “Aotea Quay” mobilisation resumed.

The following day, 4th, work commenced on container lab mounts on the port side boat deck for the sea water sampling labs.

Sampling equipment loaded into the main deck through the deck hatch. All sea-going personnel were Covid-19 tested today to ensure no infection on-board.

New oxygen concentrator arrived for the ship’s hospital, to be fitted permanently. Shifted along AQ5 before noon for bunker point alignment to facilitate bunkers tomorrow. No ice to report in the harbour. Scientific staff completed the Tangaroa Safety Induction tours today.

On the 5th half the ship’s crew were away for survival training in the Antarctic. This included tent assembly, stove operation and personal survival techniques.

On the 6th the remainder of the crew and scientific voyagers had survival training at Greta Point, mobilisation continues.

Final top up of bunkers (diesel fuel) 600 cubic meters in total, and the ship returned to Burnham Wharf to complete the preparation of scientific equipment prior departure.

On the 7th the final sampling equipment arrives on Tangaroa. Scientists about the various labs aboard ensuring all are stowed & operating correctly for their various experiments planned for the voyage.

Saturday alongside Burnham Wharf, non-skid matting being placed about the exterior decks to avoid slipping in the icy conditions expected. Securing of all equipment and stores for the heavy weather expectation while crossing the Southern ocean .

Sunday 10th, final preparations for our polar voyage, victuals, freshwater & cleaning chemicals. Science team for pre-departure briefing and temperature checks. Abandon ship drill with general alarm and muster held at 14:00. Sailing at 16:00.

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