Antarctica Key Contact

Key contacts for Antarctica services

Staff member Job Title Contact
Andrew Miller Principal Technician - Marine Ecology Email
Antonia Cristi Marine Phytoplankton Ecologist Email
Arnaud Gruss Fisheries Population Modeller Email
Craig Stevens Principal Scientist - Marine Physics Email
Craig Stewart Marine Physicist Email
Dan Smale Principal Technician - Atmosphere Email
Denise Fernandez Physical Oceanographer Email
Drew Lohrer Strategy Manager - Coasts & Estuaries Email
Graham Rickard Marine Physics Modeller Email
Hinrich Schaefer Atmospheric Scientist Email
Karl Safi Algal Ecologist Email
Kate Neill Marine Biologist Email
Malcolm Clark Principal Scientist - Fisheries Email
Michael Kotkamp Atmospheric Technician Email
Michelle Kelly Marine Biologist Email
Natalie Robinson Marine Physicist Email
Olaf Morgenstern Principal Scientist - Atmosphere and Climate Email
Pablo Escobar-Flores Fisheries Scientist Email
Richard McKenzie Emeritus Researcher – Atmospheric Radiation Email
Richard O'Driscoll Chief Scientist - Fisheries Email
Richard Querel Atmospheric Scientist Email
Sadie Mills Principal Technician - Marine Biology Email
Sam Dean Principal Scientist - Climate Email
Sara Mikaloff-Fletcher Principal Scientist - Carbon Chemistry and Modelling Email
Stacy Deppeler Marine Biogeochemistry Technician Email
Svenja Halfter Zooplankton Ecologist Email
Vonda Cummings Principal Scientist - Marine Ecology Email