Sadie Mills

Principal Technician - Marine Biology



Science Centre

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Sadie is the Collection Manager of the NIWA Invertebrate Collection (NIC), a Nationally Significant Collection and Database holding over 300,000 jars of preserved marine invertebrates from around New Zealand, Antarctica and the wider South West Pacific. Sadie is responsible for the NIC staff and volunteers and manages the MBIE SSIF funded project that supports the long-term care and enhancement of the Collection.

Sadie is involved with the planning and preparation for many biodiversity research voyages and has participated in 17 voyages completing over 472 days at sea. These include campaigns to Antarctica and around New Zealand on the R/V Tangaroa and on international research vessels in New Zealand waters. Her roles on the vessel include preservation and identification of marine invertebrates, data entry to the NIC's Specify database, live logging of fauna and seabed habitats via the Ocean Floor Observation Protocol software used with towed camera systems and ROV, Chemical Safety and preparation of sample biosecurity importation documents.

Sadie is trained in the taxonomy of Ophiuroidea (brittle stars, snake stars and basket stars) and can provide the identification of New Zealand and Antarctic species of ophiuroids

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