Water & Atmosphere 28, December 2022

The December 2022 edition of NIWA's flagship publication, Water & Atmosphere.

The December 2022 edition of NIWA's flagship publication, Water & Atmosphere.

Also available as a PDF document: Water & Atmosphere, December 2022 [PDF 13 MB] and a digital Issuu publication:

In this issue:

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In this issue

  • Are you ready for your climate future?

    NIWA Chief Executive John Morgan asks whether New Zealanders are doing enough to prepare for what lies ahead.
  • Fire in the sky

    New research suggests large-scale wildfires may be changing the chemical makeup of our atmosphere. Jessica Rowley explains.
  • Protecting people

    Mia Blyth talks to an environmental hazard specialist who feels a very personal connection to his work.
  • Putting algae to work

    Can native freshwater algae help restore the mauri of local waterways? Lawrence Gullery investigates.
  • Bridging the forecasting gap

    Improvements in data and climate science mean forecasters are able to predict patterns much further ahead and in far greater detail. Melissa Bray looks at what this may mean for farmers.
  • Preparing coastal communities for change

    Our coastline is changing as sea levels rise. Lawrence Gullery looks at a five-year research programme designed to help communities with tough decisions ahead.
  • Making big waves in the Pacific

    Prior to 15 January, Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai was a little-known undersea South Pacific volcano with a long name. Within 24 hours, it  was a global phenomenon – the site of the largest atmospheric explosion in almost 150 years. Jessica Rowley looks at why a remote Tongan volcano took the world by storm.