New Zealand Climate Update 231 - September 2018

What happened in August, how our climate outlook for the previous three months turned out, global and local sea temperatures, and our outlook for September-November.

In this issue

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    Current climate: August 2018

    Mean sea level pressure was below normal over and to the southwest of New Zealand during August.
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    Global setting: August 2018

    For the fifth consecutive month, ENSO-neutral conditions persisted across the tropical Pacific.
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    Outlook: September-November 2018

    September – November 2018 temperatures are forecast to be average (35 – 40% chance) or above average (35 – 40% chance) for all regions of New Zealand except the north and east of the North Island, where near average temperatures are most likely (45% chance).
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    Retrospective: June-August 2018 Outlook

    The atmospheric circulation around New Zealand was forecast to be characterized by mixed flow patterns during June-August 2018.