Renewable energy

Over 80 percent of the electricity generated in Aotearoa NZ comes from renewable sources – wind, sun and water. Understanding the effects of our changing climate on our hydro lakes and wind and solar generation potential will help us increase renewable energy generation.

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    Pig power science yields good results in NZ and overseas

    News article
  • Craig Stevens on Cook Strait tidal energy

  • Current conversion - tidal and wave energy in New Zealand

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    Sediment and wind

    How may wind energy generation activities influence sediments in waterways?
  • Riparian vegetation and wind

    What are the impacts of wind energy generation activities on riparian vegetation?
  • Impacts of wind

    How do wind energy generation activities impact water quality and mahinga kai?
  • Energy assessment for Totoya Island, Fiji

    Research Project
    NIWA worked with the community on the island of Totoya, in the Yasayasa Moala Island group in south-east Fiji to assess their energy security and energy related socio-economic opportunities.
  • Wind

    Wind is a renewable and environmentally friendly energy source.
  • Tidal energy optimisation

    Research Project
    Understanding the complexity of tidal resources in New Zealand’s coastal waters and examining how extracting tidal energy would influence and be influenced by this variability.
  • Bio-oil from wastewater algae

    Research Project
    This project will demonstrate the commercial feasibility of producing bio-oil by the conversion of algae biomass that has been grown in wastewater treatment facilities. In particular we aim to maximise algae production in High Rate Algal Ponds (HRAP) by adding carbon dioxide, and demonstrate energy efficient conversion of algal biomass to bio-oil.