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Tangaroa Marine Environment and Ecosystem Voyage 2018

RV Tangaroa is undertaking a six-week voyage to Antarctica and the Southern Ocean between 9 February and 21 March 2018 with scientists from NIWA and the University of Auckland.

Scientists will undertake a range of surveys to better understand the processes governing this environment and its relevance to New Zealand. These include oceanographic observations, atmospheric observations, whale and benthic habitat studies, along with studies of plankton communities. The whale studies are being undertaken by the University of Auckland.


Blog: Spectacular view of Antarctica - 18 February

The fog has cleared and we have a spectacular view of the continent of Antarctica today, from Cape McCormick to Cape Adare.

Blog: atmospheric gas measurements - 21 February

John McGregor from NIWA checks on the instruments that measure atmospheric gases throughout our voyage.

Blog: hospital tour - 20 February

On trips that take us away to isolated places we need to take a Medical Doctor, just in case anyone requires emergency medical or surgical treatment.

Blog: mooring deployments in the Ross Sea - 19 February

It is -4 degrees outside and our third day of intensive oceanographic work continues.

Voyage map

The course of RV Tangaroa taken during the voyage. Actual course is shown with a red line, intended course with a yellow line, points of interest with red markers and blog posts with an orange "i" marker. Dates and times detailed are UTC, 13 hours behind NZ daylight time.

Voyage overview

Read details about the aims of the voyage and find information about the scientists and crew on board.

The science

Read about the science that will be undertaken during the voyage.

Image gallery

A selection of images from the voyage. We will be adding images as they are sent back from the vessel.

About RV Tangaroa

New Zealand’s only deepwater research vessel, which has recently had a $24 million upgrade to enhance its ocean science.

Tangaroa virtual tour

Take a virtual tour of the RV Tangaroa - the bridge, main and shelter decks through to the engine room.