Marine mammals

NIWA has been involved in research across a number of marine mammals as important parts of the ocean’s ecosystem, including seals, whales and dolphins.

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    NIWA Biodiversity Memoir 136 - The Marine Biota of Aotearoa New Zealand

    Aotearoa New Zealand’s marine biodiversity checklist has been updated, representing an increase of 3,630 known living species since the turn of the century.
  • Identification of significant ecological areas for the Otago coastal marine area

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    Long-term protection of Otago’s coastal habitats took a step closer to reality after more than 100 marine Significant Ecological Areas (SEA) were identified as part of a research project led by NIWA.
  • Researchers to unveil Antarctic secrets

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    As New Zealanders search for the summer sun, 38 researchers and crew will board RV Tangaroa tomorrow for a six-week science voyage deep into the waters of Antarctica.
  • Eavesdropping on sperm whales in Antarctica

    The moorings team is bringing back precious data from long-term underwater listening devices which the researchers are using to search for signs that sperm whales are finally returning in numbers to the Ross Sea.
  • NIWA heads to Antarctica for critical climate, ocean research

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    NIWA’s flagship research vessel Tangaroa leaves soon on a six-week voyage to Antarctica, making it one of the few full scientific expeditions to the continent since the global outbreak of COVID-19.
  • Scientists on the trail of elusive sperm whales

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    Acoustic monitoring of sperm whales
  • Scientists conducting snapper research off North Island’s west coast

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    People along the Kapiti and Wanganui coast may spot NIWA’s research vessel Kaharoa operating close to shore in the next few weeks as scientists carry out a survey of snapper, tarakihi, red gurnard and John Dory.
  • The frozen menagerie

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    Just past the locks, alarms and big heavy doors is a rather macabre sight.
  • Leopard seal Owha injured in Auckland Harbour

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    Researchers are keeping a close eye on Owha, the leopard seal that has made Auckland Harbour her home, after she was seen bleeding from her face on Saturday morning.
  • Planning an ocean observation network

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    New Zealand’s changing ocean environment has prompted the call to develop a system that will keep closer tabs on information from scientific monitoring buoys so the data they produce can be shared as widely as possible.
  • Owha and her friends awarded citizenship

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    New Zealand’s newest citizens like the solitary life, have leopard-like markings, and can each weigh up to 600kg.
  • Scientists return from Antarctic voyage

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    After travelling almost 12,000km in the past six weeks, a group of scientists returns to Wellington at the weekend with new knowledge about life in the Ross Sea of Antarctica.