NIWA aims to provide the knowledge needed for the sound environmental management of our marine resources.

  • Lake Wanaka - multibeam

    Lake Wānaka mapped in exquisite detail

    Media release
    NIWA scientists have mapped the whole of Lake Wānaka in incredible detail.  
  • New ocean species discovered in Bounty Trough

    Media release
    Scientists on an expedition to the underexplored Bounty Trough off New Zealand have discovered around 100 new and potentially new ocean species.
  • Bounty Trough - voyage update #3

    The third and final update from Voyage leader, Sadie Mills on the 21-day Ocean Census – Bounty Trough research voyage.
  • Bounty Trough - voyage update #2

    Greetings from the Bounty Trough!
  • Bounty Trough - voyage update #1

    NIWA Voyage Leader, Sadie Mills on the first three days of The Ocean Census – Bounty Trough research voyage - a 21-day expedition to discover new species
  • Expedition to uncover secrets of New Zealand's unexplored Bounty Trough

    Media release
    An expedition to discover new species in one of the most remote parts of the deep ocean is departing from Wellington today. 
  • Sun, sand, and stingers

    Feature story
    Long hot days, sand between your toes, and jellyfish – all part of the New Zealand beach summer.
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    NIWA Biodiversity Memoir 136 - The Marine Biota of Aotearoa New Zealand

    Aotearoa New Zealand’s marine biodiversity checklist has been updated, representing an increase of 3,630 known living species since the turn of the century.
  • Comprehensive eruption study highlights need for further work

    Media release
    A new study has comprehensively mapped the immediate after effects of the January 2022 eruption of Hunga Tonga - Hunga Ha’apai, highlighting the risks of similar events.
  • Cyclone impacts on fisheries and seabed ecosystems - KAH 2303 & 2306

    Kaharoa Voyages KAH 2303 & 2306
  • NIWA Biodiversity Memoirs for purchase

    The NIWA Biodiversity Memoirs are comprehensive, definitive, illustrated reference works that capture the rigorous, peer-reviewed scientific study of New Zealand’s distinctive marine fauna and flora.
  • NIWA unravelling impacts on marine life after Cyclone Gabrielle

    Media release
    NIWA are studying the ocean off Tairāwhiti and Hawke’s Bay to see how Cyclone Gabrielle has impacted the health of fisheries habitats and seabed ecosystems.