NZFFD publications and catchment number directory

How to cite the NZFFD

Citation of the NZFFD is usually with the original report on the creation of the database:

McDowall, R.M., Richardson, J. (1983) The New Zealand freshwater fish survey: a guide to input and output. New Zealand Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Fisheries Research Division Information Leaflet, 12: 1-15.

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The following article regarding updates carried out on the NZFFD in the late 1980s is also sometimes cited:

Richardson, J. (1989) The all-new freshwater fish database. Freshwater Catch 41: 20-21.

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Catchments of New Zealand

The Catchments of New Zealand is a coded list of the main river and stream catchments of New Zealand that is useful for defining a search area when downloading NZFFD data.

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