NIWA aims to provide the knowledge needed for the sound environmental management of our marine resources.

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    Experiment to put surf lifeguard in Raglan rips

    News article
  • Estuary monitoring by communities

    These guidelines outline a recommended minimum set of methods for a community group interested in following habitat changes in an estuary.
  • New Zealand's Sandy Coasts Educational CD

    Education Resource
    A NIWA CD resource for science and geography teachers which covers coastal processes and hazards such as the effects of erosion on development.
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    Multi Channel Seismic (MCS) System

    Modern marine geoscience requires accurate and detailed subsurface information for the mapping of geologic structures and sedimentary sequences beneath the continental margin. In order to acquire this information NIWA purchased a Multi Channel Seismic system (MCS) in December 1996, consisting of a 24 channel streamer, seismic source and acquisition hardware. 
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    Flow Cytometer

    NIWA's Becton Dickinson FACSCalibur flow cytometer supports a wide range of research and commercial applications.
  • NZ estuaries

    Over the past decade, NIWA has published many popular articles that deal with estuaries - this overview is intended to bring together and make whole sense of the information published to date in the various popular articles.
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    Tools & Resources

  • Other research instruments

    Scientists across NIWA use specialist tools manufactured across the world to perform their research and environmental consultancy.