Kermadec voyage blog

Live from Tangaroa. Amelia from The Pew Charitable Trusts will keep you up-to-date with all the action from RV Tangaroa through her regular blog posts.

  • On the road again

    We have reached the end of our sampling program up in the Kermadecs and we’re on our way home
  • It’s a small world after all

    For the last couple of days we have been sampling near L’Esperance Rock.
  • Caught on camera

  • From shallows: moving from the familiar shores of Raoul Island to lesser known higher latitude Islands

    Over the last few days the “dive team” have been recording corals, fishes, urchins and other invertebrates from the shallow waters (0-30m) surrounding Raoul Island to complement the biodiversity records from the deeper ocean collected by the other scientists onboard.
  • It’s a bit fishy up here in the Kermadecs

    We’re into our fifth day of sampling up here at Raoul Island and all is going well.
  • Raoul Island whales

    During September and October Raoul Island is like Grand Central Station for humpback whales.
  • Releasing Koha the turtle at Raoul Island

    During the middle of last night we arrived at Raoul Island.
  • Easing into the Kermadec Ridge expedition

    After the flurry of activity and excitement when Koha the rehabilitated turtle came aboard, it has been a relatively quiet couple of days.