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Contacts are for our coasts and oceans work.

Key contacts for Coasts and Oceans services

Science Advisor - Marine

Barb has a research background in marine biosecurity and the environmental sustainability of aquaculture. Today she leads NIWA’s coasts and oceans research, which focuses on ecosystem-based approaches to managing activities in New Zealand’s marine estate, so that economic and social benefits are realised while vulnerable components of the ecosystem are protected.

Principal Scientist - Fisheries

Malcolm began his research career in the 1980s as a fisheries biologist. He worked extensively on stock assessment of deepwater fish (in particular orange roughy), before broadening his research interests to more general deep-sea ecosystems. He studied seamounts for many years, and headed the Census of Marine Life on Seamounts, a major 6 year international research programme. His studies have involved a lot of time at sea; with over 70 surveys, including submersible dives, and international work in the Antarctic and southwest Pacific. Currently he leads NIWA research projects describing the biodiversity of deep-sea habitats, assessing ecological risk to these habitats and communities from fishing and mining activities, and ways to improve the management of environmental impacts.

Principal Scientist - Marine Biology

Wendy Nelson specialises in marine phycology, particularly the biosystematics of macroalgae of New Zealand, with research on floristics, evolution and phylogeny, as well as ecology, and life history studies. Recently she has worked on the systematics and biology of red algae including corallines, distribution and diversity of seaweeds in harbours and soft sediment habitats, and seaweeds of the Ross Sea and Balleny Islands. Wendy leads NIWA's biosystematic research team.

Chief Science Advisor

Graeme leads NIWA's Marine Biosecurity research programme, which is a partnership involving NIWA, the Cawthron Institute, and the Ministry for Primary Industries. He is a member of the IUCN Invasive Species Specialist Group, a Technical Advisor to the GEF/UNDP/IMO Global Ballast Water Management Programme and sits on advisory panels for implementation of New Zealand's Biosecurity Science Strategy and MAF Biosecurity NZ's Biosecurity Surveillance Committee. Graeme's research is primarily on the design and implementation of marine pest surveillance, including early detection, baseline and delimiting surveys for unwanted marine organisms. 

Full Staff List

Staff member Position
Owen Anderson Fisheries Scientist Email Owen Anderson
Dr Philip Barnes Principal Scientist - Marine Geology Email Dr Philip Barnes
Dr Neill Barr Principal Technician - Marine Ecology Email Dr Neill Barr
Dr Jennifer Beaumont Marine Ecologist Email Dr Jennifer Beaumont
Dr Erik Behrens Ocean Modeller Email Dr Erik Behrens
Dr Jaret Bilewitch Molecular Biologist Email Dr Jaret Bilewitch
Jochen Bind Hydrodynamics and GIS Technician Email Jochen Bind
Dr David Bowden Marine Ecologist Email Dr David Bowden
Dr Janet Bradford-Grieve Emeritus Researcher – Marine Biology Email Dr Janet Bradford-Grieve
David Bremner Coastal and Estuarine Physical Processes Technician Email David Bremner
Dr Niall Broekhuizen Principal Scientist - Ecosystem Modelling Email Dr Niall Broekhuizen
Julie Brown Principal Technician - Environmental Isotopes Email Julie Brown
Rod Budd Principal Technician - Coastal and Estuarine Physical Processes Email Rod Budd
Dr Sarah Bury Manager Environmental & Ecological Stable Isotope Facility, Marine Biogeochemist Email Dr Sarah Bury
Kelly Carter Marine Ecology Technician Email Kelly Carter
Megan Carter Marine Ecology Technician Email Megan Carter
Katie Cartner Marine Ecology Technician Email Katie Cartner
Dr Hoe Chang Emeritus - Marine Biologist Email Dr Hoe Chang
Caroline Chin Marine Biology Technician Email Caroline Chin
Dr Steve Chiswell Physical Oceanographer Email Dr Steve Chiswell
Dr Malcolm Clark Principal Scientist - Fisheries Email Dr Malcolm Clark
Steph Coursey PhD Student Email Steph Coursey
Dr Serena Cox Marine Biologist Email Dr Serena Cox
Dr Vonda Cummings Principal Scientist - Marine Ecology Email Dr Vonda Cummings
Dr Roberta D'Archino Marine Biologist Email Dr Roberta D'Archino
Dr Samik Datta Population Modeller Email Dr Samik Datta
Niki Davey Marine Ecologist Email Niki Davey
Dr Stacy Deppeler Marine Biogeochemistry Technician Email Dr Stacy Deppeler
Chris Eager Coastal Technician Email Chris Eager
Mark Fenwick Marine Ecologist Email Mark Fenwick
Dr Denise Fernandez Physical Oceanographer Email Dr Denise Fernandez
Dr Brit Finucci Fisheries Scientist Email Dr Brit Finucci
Jeff Forman Fisheries Technician Email Jeff Forman
Peter Gerring Marine Geology Technician Email Peter Gerring
Savannah Goode Student Email Savannah Goode
Dr Dennis Gordon Emeritus Researcher – Marine Biodiversity Email Dr Dennis Gordon
Brett Grant Principal Technician - Environmental Monitoring Email Brett Grant
Barry Greenfield Marine Ecology Technician Email Barry Greenfield
Lynda Griggs Fisheries Scientist Email Lynda Griggs
Lawrence Gullery Communications Lead - Freshwater, Coasts & Estuaries Science Email Lawrence Gullery
Dr Mark Hadfield Marine Physics Modeller Email Dr Mark Hadfield
Sarah Hailes Principal Technician - Marine Ecology Email Sarah Hailes
Dr Rachel Hale Marine Ecologist Email Dr Rachel Hale
Jane Halliday Marine Ecology Technician Email Jane Halliday
Dr Sean Handley Marine Biologist Email Dr Sean Handley
Dr Barb Hayden Science Advisor - Marine Email Dr Barb Hayden
Matthew Hayward Student Email Matthew Hayward
Dr Jo Hoyle River Geomorphologist Email Dr Jo Hoyle
Dr Graeme Inglis Chief Science Advisor Email Dr Graeme Inglis
Dr Michelle Kelly Marine Biologist Email Dr Michelle Kelly
Dr Emily Lane Principal Scientist - Natural Hazards and Hydrodynamics Email Dr Emily Lane
Dr Daniel Leduc Marine Biologist Email Dr Daniel Leduc
Dr Drew Lohrer Strategy Manager - Coasts & Estuaries Email Dr Drew Lohrer
Dr Carolyn Lundquist Principal Scientist - Marine Ecology Email Dr Carolyn Lundquist
Dr Helen Macdonald Regional Ocean Modelling System (ROMS) Numerical Modeller Email Dr Helen Macdonald
Dr Iain MacDonald Coastal and Estuarine Physical Processes Scientist Email Dr Iain MacDonald
Kevin Mackay Marine Geologist, Marine Data Manager Email Kevin Mackay
Dr Katie Maier Marine Sedimentologist Email Dr Katie Maier
Dr Alistair McKerchar Hydrologist Email Dr Alistair McKerchar
Richard Measures Hydrodynamics Scientist Email Richard Measures
Crispin Middleton Principal Technician - Marine Ecology Email Crispin Middleton
Dr Sara Mikaloff-Fletcher Principal Scientist - Carbon Chemistry and Modelling Email Dr Sara Mikaloff-Fletcher
Andrew Miller Marine Ecology Technician Email Andrew Miller
Sadie Mills Principal Technician - Marine Biology Email Sadie Mills
Dr Joshu Mountjoy Strategy Manager - Oceans Email Dr Joshu Mountjoy
Dr Helen Neil General Manager - Operations Email Dr Helen Neil
Kate Neill Marine Biologist Email Kate Neill
Dr Wendy Nelson Principal Scientist - Marine Biology Email Dr Wendy Nelson
Dr Scott Nodder Principal Scientist - Marine Geology Email Dr Scott Nodder
Peter Notman Principal Technician - Fisheries Email Peter Notman
Caoimhghin Ó Maolagáin Fisheries Technician Email Caoimhghin Ó Maolagáin
Dr Joe O'Callaghan Coastal Physicist Email Dr Joe O'Callaghan
Dr Alan Orpin Marine Geologist Email Dr Alan Orpin
Pascale Otis Communications Lead - Ocean Science Email Pascale Otis
Ron Ovenden Coastal and Estuarine Physical Processes Technician Email Ron Ovenden
Mike Page Marine Ecologist Email Mike Page
Arne Pallentin Principal Technician - Marine Geology Email Arne Pallentin
Samantha Parkes Marine Ecology Technician Email Samantha Parkes
Dr Darren Parsons Marine Ecologist Email Dr Darren Parsons
Dr Rachael Peart Marine Invertebrate Systematist Email Dr Rachael Peart
Lily Pryor Rodgers Marine Ecology Technician Email Lily Pryor Rodgers
Doug Ramsay Manager, Pacific Rim Email Doug Ramsay
Dr Christo Rautenbach Coastal and Estuarine Physical Processes Scientist Email Dr Christo Rautenbach
Dr Geoff Read Marine Biologist Email Dr Geoff Read
Glen Reeve Principal Technician - Coastal and Estuarine Physical Processes Email Glen Reeve
Dr Graham Rickard Marine Physics Modeller Email Dr Graham Rickard
Dr Natalie Robinson Marine Physicist Email Dr Natalie Robinson
Jaya Roperez Data Manager Email Jaya Roperez
Dr Helen Rouse National Projects Manager - Science Delivery Email Dr Helen Rouse
Dr Ashley Rowden Principal Scientist - Marine Ecology Email Dr Ashley Rowden
Karl Safi Algal Ecologist Email Karl Safi
Dr Kareen Schnabel Marine Biologist Email Dr Kareen Schnabel
Kimberley Seaward Marine Ecology Technician Email Kimberley Seaward
Dr Ude Shankar GIS Specialist Email Dr Ude Shankar
Matt Smith Principal Technician - Marine Ecology Email Matt Smith
Dr Tilmann Steinmetz Principal Technician - GIS Data Administration Email Dr Tilmann Steinmetz
Dr Scott Stephens Chief Scientist - Coasts and Estuaries Email Dr Scott Stephens
Dr Craig Stevens Principal Scientist - Marine Physics Email Dr Craig Stevens
Craig Stewart Marine Physicist Email Craig Stewart
Rob Stewart Principal Technician - Marine Ecology Email Rob Stewart




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