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NIWA's palaeoclimate research lab

NIWA's palaeoclimate research laboratory is located in Auckland. Our capabilities allow us to undertake a wide range of interdisciplinary research, specifically with:

  • a Lintab6 tree ring measurement station with binocular microscope running TSAP-Win for development of tree ring chronologies
  • a NewWave micromill dedicated to microscopic sampling of tree ring and carbonate material
  • microfuges, multichannel pipettes, drying ovens and high-precision microbalances used to rapidly digest tree rings to alpha-cellulose ahead of isotopic analysis
  • GIS capabilities supporting environmental mapping.

A full complement of field and sample processing equipment for tree ring work, including:

  • a range of hollow-shaft hand-operated increment borers up to 1m length,
  • a specialised kit for treatment of increment borers to mitigate spread of Phytopthera Taxon Agathis (PTA, or Kauri Dieback),
  • three Husqvarna chainsaws (with bars up to 40cm for large diameter samples) and hand-held chainsaws.
  • a band saw and large format belt sander for processing tree cross sections.

Tools for our physical geography work include:

  • Mala Ground Penetrating Radar GX system with a 160Hz and 450Hz antenna
  • D-section corer, hand-operated sediment probes and a stratigraphy sampling kit for work in peat/swamp environments
  • cosmogenic radionucleide sampling kit constituting an portable angle grinder, cold chisel and sledge for work in glaciated landscapes
  • three Ramset 2kw concrete drills and a 16” Husqvarna concrete saw for sampling coral cores and microatoll cross sections in the Pacific
  • industrial grade bridge saw for cutting cross sections of corals and speleothems
  • OmniRuptor 4000 sonicator for rapid cleaning of carbonate and sediment samples.