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Monthly climate summaries from December 2001 to the present.


New Zealand’s coldest March in 12 years
A dry month for many regions
Warm and dry for many parts of the country
A warm month with variable rainfall patterns
Dry and mild for most, wet for Gisborne and Hawke’s Bay
A month of large temperature swings; very wet in Northland.
New Zealand’s warmest September on record
New Zealand’s coldest August in seven years
New Zealand’s 4th-warmest July on record.
Warm and dry for many, but wet in the east and north of North Island
Warmest May on record.
Dry and warm for many parts of the country
Dry and cool for upper North Island, wet for South Island
Gabrielle has a historic impact in the north, warm in the south
Unprecedented rainfall in the north, hot and dry for the south.
A generally warm month with variable rainfall patterns
A soggy and exceptionally warm November
A mild and dry month for much of the country
Wet for the eastern North Island, dry for the South Island
Heavy rain, flooding, and New Zealand’s 2nd-warmest August
New Zealand’s wettest and 4th-warmest July on record
A warm month, wet in the west but dry in the east
Third-warmest May on record
Yet another warm, dry month