Air Quality

Understanding urban air through community-based monitoring programmes and measuring atmospheric air pollution.

  • Pollution levels soar in Level 3, says NIWA

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    Traffic pollution measurements in Auckland since Level 4 restrictions were eased on Tuesday have shown levels soaring even higher than those before lockdown, NIWA air quality scientists say.
  • Bushfire smoke continues trip around world

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    A blob of smoke from the Australian bushfires is continuing to circle the globe almost four months after it formed.
  • Lockdown air quality keeps getting better

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    Pollution levels in our main cities are continuing to fall as a result of the nationwide lockdown, says NIWA.
  • Steep improvements seen in Auckland air quality, says NIWA

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    NIWA scientists say air quality has dramatically improved in Auckland since the COVID-19 Level 4 lockdown was instigated.
  • Unprecedented carbon monoxide readings measured in Central Otago

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    Researchers at NIWA’s Lauder atmospheric research station in Central Otago have measured prolonged carbon monoxide concentrations well above normal levels.
  • NIWA reveals Arrowtown air quality standards breached every time temperature plummets

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    The first month of data from NIWA’s air quality monitoring project in Arrowtown reveals that air quality has already breached the national standard eight times this winter, including six times in the week from 19 to 26 June – in fact every time the air temperature dropped below freezing.
  • Students, scientists, citizens study Arrowtown’s ailing air

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    Arrowtown may be known for its picturesque autumn scenery, but in winter this tiny Central Otago town has a problem.
  • Environment report a clear picture of change: NIWA

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    The latest state of the environment report released today provides New Zealanders with clear evidence that our climate, freshwater and marine systems are changing, says NIWA.
  • World Earth Day: Air quality and its effects on respiratory health

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    A newly formed partnership between Asthma and Respiratory Foundation NZ and NIWA aims to provide the latest air quality research to over 700,000 people living with respiratory conditions in New Zealand.
  • The science of art or the art of science…

    Feature story
    If you think science and art have nothing in common, think again. At environmental science institute NIWA, it’s all about one inspiring the other.
  • Burning wood - not as cosy as it seems

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    As temperatures drop over winter months, many Kiwis turn to their fireplaces to heat their homes. However, most of us are not fully aware of the immense impact that wood burning can have on people and the environment.
  • What's in your air, Alex?

    NIWA is helping young people get involved in air quality research. With funding from Unlocking Curious Minds children from Alexandra Primary School are becoming junior scientists and learning about air quality in their town.