Air Quality

Understanding urban air through community-based monitoring programmes and measuring atmospheric air pollution.

  • Opening windows and doors “one of the best ways” to remove Covid-19 from classroom air

    Media release
    One of the best ways to reduce the likelihood of Covid-19 being transmitted in Aotearoa New Zealand classrooms is simply by opening doors and windows to create natural ventilation, say NIWA air quality experts.
  • Community Air Watch Arrowtown

    Research Project
    Community Air Watch Arrowtown enables members of the public to use new technologies to participate in studies of air quality.
  • Schools Air Watch

    Research Project
    Schools Air Watch enables school classes to use new technologies to participate in a study of air quality in their own community.
  • Community Air Watch Invercargill

    Research Project
    Community Air Watch Invercargill enables members of the public to use new technologies to participate in studies of air quality.
  • Air Grid: using grid monitoring to map air quality

    Research Project
    Air quality is almost never consistent across NZ’s towns – polluted air can readily be transported on the breeze and accumulate in different locations.
  • Fiordland air sharing secrets with scientist

    Media release
    Peter Sperlich needs a strong south-westerly and a cast iron stomach for his next scientific mission.
  • Subterranean sensing

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    Once a year, technicians from NIWA’s North Island Field Team don helmets and head lamps to check a network of CO2 sensors in the world-renowned Waitomo Caves. The sensors help make sure that heavy breathing visitors aren’t wrecking the caves’ precious natural structures and microclimate.
  • Locked down, but breathing freely

    Feature story
    Some of the most striking images of lockdown around the world have been the blue skies of cities ordinarily choking in smog. From New Delhi to Los Angeles, Beijing to Paris, the changes were so remarkable they were visible from space.
  • Fresh scientific scrutiny for Arrowtown air

    Media release
    NIWA scientists have set up air quality sensors every 100 metres across Arrowtown in what is believed to be the world’s densest air monitoring network.
  • Air quality issues in New Zealand towns: outdoor air quality animations

    Research Project
    Animations showing wind conditions and air quality over 24-hour periods across study towns during winter 2021 and 2020.
  • Seven weeks of clearing the air provides huge benefits

    Media release
    Seven weeks of lockdown has provided evidence of how pollution can vanish overnight with benefits for the environment and individuals, says NIWA air quality scientist Dr Ian Longley.
  • Scientists seek smoke sniffers

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    NIWA scientists are seeking help to sniff out smoke in a bid to help improve air quality in New Zealand.