Ocean acidification - What does it mean for Shellfish?

This video has been produced to highlight ocean acidification as a potential issue affecting the NZ shellfish aquaculture industry. The video is a direct result of the collaborative New Zealand-United States workshop 'Future proofing New Zealand’s shellfish aquaculture: monitoring and adaptation to ocean acidification', organised by NIWA, MPI, Cawthron Institute and US colleagues in December 2013. Featured in the video are scientists, US and NZ industry representatives, as well as officials from the funding agencies MPI, MBIE and the US Embassy.

Organising Team:
Anna Crosbie (MPI), Norman Ragg (Cawthron), Vonda Cummings and Di Tracey (NIWA), Todd Capson (US Sustainable Fisheries organisation). Video produced by Dave Allen (NIWA)

More information on ocean acidification can be found on our website here:

Ocean acidification.