2018 UV Workshop

Presented papers, arranged by workshop programme.


The presented papers are arranged by the workshop programme.


Richard McKenzie

Workshop Summary

Richard Querel

What’s happening to ozone in this part of the world?

Ben Liley

Averting climate catastrophes

Peter Gies

ARPANSA UV data measurements at Australian locations – an overview

Richard McKenzie

UV in the melanoma capital of the world: how does our UV compare with other places and times

Stuart Henderson

Introducing a new generation of solar UVR detectors for the ARPANSA UV monitoring network

Martin Allen

Primary skin cancer prevention programmes using real-time personal UV data

Jeremy Burke

Story behind the two UVI Apps: uv2Day and GlobalUV

Richard Turner

How accurate are NIWA’s UVI cloud forecasts?

Zim Sherman

Advances in electronic dosimeters

Martin Gledhill

Sunbed operators in New Zealand

Michel Nieuwoudt

Handheld device for early diagnosis of skin cancer

Joanna Turner

Beyond the current smartphone application: using smartphone hardware to measure UV radiation

Geraldine McLeod

Unintended sunburn among New Zealanders

Lena Von Schuckmann

Changes in sun protection behaviour after diagnosis of high-risk primary melanoma

Amanda Oakley

Strategies to address the skin cancer crisis in New Zealand due to baby-boomers' outdoor lifestyles. The future is here.

Rainer Hofmann

Applications from UV studies in plants for crop improvement

Olaf Morgenstern

Recent projections for ozone and UV produced by the chemistry-climate model Initiative

David Whiteman

Preventing melanoma and skin cancer with sunscreen

Heather Knewstubb

Protecting our tamariki from UV radiation

Tony Reeder

Getting a head start: Sun protective hats in New Zealand primary school policies

Suzanne Dobbinson

Are Australians using sunscreen and other sun protection behaviours effectively?

Kerryn King

Changes to the Australian and New Zealand standards for sun protective products including clothing, sunglasses and shade fabrics

Caoimhe Geraghty

“You’d be going nuts putting on sunscreen every time you stepped out of the door”: acceptance of the sun protection times by Victorian adults

Heather Walker

seeUV: using augmented reality to create an engaging tool for today’s SunSmart generation

Hideaki Nakajima

Determining an effective UV radiation exposure time for vitamin D synthesis in the skin without risk to health: simplified estimations from UV observations in 10 locations, Japan

Gunther Seckmeyer

How much shade outdoors is healthy?

Rachel Neale

The effect of solar ultraviolet radiation on vitamin D: a randomised crontrolled trial

Maryam Delshad

Winter vitamin D status of Auckland primary school children

Antony Young

Impact of skin melanin on vitamin D and DNA photodamage

Ian Reid

Vitamin D and bone health

Robert Scragg

Vitamin D and health - What are the clinical trials telling us?

Robyn Lucas

Benefits of sun exposure: vitamin D and beyond

Rebecca Bell

HPA research – driving changes to the Sun Protection Alert

Bronwen McNoe

Evaluation of the SunSmart schools programme from the school's perspective

Christina  Mackay

Sun-shading at the water’s edge?

Toshimasa Kawanishi

Shade performance evaluation using a UV shade chart


Richard McKenzie

Long Term Variability and Cloud Effects in UV Irradiances from NDACC Spectroradiometers

Zhenqiang Wu

Effects of vitamin D supplementation on adherence and persistence with long-term statin therapy: secondary analysis from the randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled ViDA study

Stuart Henderson

Solar UVR climatology on the edge of Antarctica

Zarintaj Malihi

Safety of long term bolus dose Vitamin D supplementation: data from a randomized controlled trial (ViDA)

George Janson

USDA UV-B Monitoring and Research Program

Franz Strydom

Live UV display, Mt Maunganui