2014 UV Workshop

Presented papers, arranged by workshop programme.


The presented papers are arranged by the workshop programme. They have not been peer reviewed.



Richard McKenzie

Workshop Overview

Craig Sinclair

Thirty Years of Skin Cancer Prevention - Lessons Learnt, Future Directions

Olaf Morgenstern

New Zealand's "World Avoided" by the success of the Montreal Protocol

Insa Lohse

Airborne measurements of UV spectral actinic radiation with CCD spectroradiometers

Ben Liley

Inferring UV intensity from visible light or solar warmth

Sumaman Buntoung

A model for estimating diffuse erythemal ultraviolet radiation in the tropics: A case study at Nakhon Pathom, Thailand  

Martin Gledhill

Compliance of New Zealand solaria with recommended operating practices

Janet Bornman

Impacts of perturbations in solar UV radiation due to stratospheric ozone and climate change - paper coming

Rainer Hofmann

UV effects in plants - case studies from New Zealand with a northern hemisphere twist

Zim Sherman

Developments in electronic dosimeters

Martin Allen

SunSmart UV dosimetry programmes: From Southern Californian to New Zealand schools

Peter Gies

Measured Occupational Solar UVR Exposures of Outdoor Workers in Victoria in Winter

Tracy Petrie

Mining dosimetry data: Sun exposure behaviors in hereditary melanoma participants

Mary Jane Sneyd

Trends in melanoma incidence and mortality in New Zealand

Shanchita Khan

Vitamin D Production and UV Exposure – A Systematic Review

Visalini Nair-Shalliker

The association between personal sun exposure, serum vitamin D and global methylation in human lymphocytes

Matthias Gröbner

UV exposure, vitamin D and their relationship in a group of high school students at Davos

Robert Scragg

UV exposure, vitamin D and health

Richard McKenzie

Effects of measured UV exposure on Vitamin D status of New Zealanders: Implications for seasonal exposures required

Ian Reid

Clinical effects of vitamin D supplementation

John Hawk

Vitamin D and Ultraviolet Radiation Exposure - A Photodermatologist's Viewpoint

Robyn Lucas

Sun exposure, vitamin D and immune function - where to now?

Cheryl Wilson

Protection from Erythema while accommodating pre-vitamin D3 production. Are textiles double agents?

Fan Xiang

Influence of meteorological factors and ambient ultraviolet radiation on people’s sun-exposure behavior in Australian adults

Christina Mackay, Louise Sandford & Catherine Hall

Shade in Schools – permanent not temporary?

Tony Reeder

Have attitudes towards sun tanning changed among the NZ population?

Barbara Walkosz

Sustained Impact of an Occupational Sun Safety Program 5-7 Years On

Bhama Rajiv

Sun Protection Alert – a simple tool for a complex issue

Kerri Kruse

The effect of sunscreen use on sunburn occurrence in New Zealand

Suzanne Dobinson

Successful use of a tablet computer mobile app to observe sun protection practices in Australia and the United States

Joanna Turner

Simple experiments to visualise and simulate the biological impact of ultraviolet radiation

Kimberley Dunstone

There is an app for that! Communicating UV via the SunSmart app.

Ming Cheuk

Delivery of personal ultraviolet radiation information to smartphones

David Buller

 Effectiveness of a Mobile App Delivering Real-Time Tailored Sun Safety Advice in a Randomized Trial

Michael Kotkamp Materials-Damaging UV Radiation in New Zealand: Comparison with other locations
Richard Turner NIWA UVI forecasts - an update on recent developments Presentation style
Neil Swift Upgrade of the New Zealand Urban UVB Network
Toshimasa Kawanishi Shade Evaluation Method aginst Ultraviolet Radiation
Richard McKenzie Long term changes in UV in New Zealand due to ozone depletion and other causes
Ben Liley Global Dimming and Brightening in New Zealand
Stuart Henderson The future of the ARPANSA UV monitoring network
Mary Buller A Multi-theoretic Approach to Promoting Occupational Sun Safety Policy at Public Employers
Mingwen Zhang Functional nanoparticles for preventing wool yellowing
Maria Polak Vitamin D and mental wellbeing
Laura King Variation in immune function in relation to sun exposure and vitamin D
Mica Hartley The sun exposure and vitamin D study