Summer Series 2017

This is a special series of stories put out to the media over the 2017/2018 summer.

  • Summer Series 2017 - Spectacular scenes under the ice

    Feature story
    In October a team of scientists from New Zealand and Finland travelled to Antarctica for a scientific diving expedition under the ice.
  • Summer series 2017 - Sailing the Southern Ocean - a scientific odyssey

    Media release
    NIWA’s research vessel Tangaroa sets off for a six-week voyage to Antarctica in February. Six of those aboard explain what they’re doing, what they’re worried about and the one thing they wouldn’t be without.
  • Summer Series 2017 - Citizen scientists take on Hutt River

    Feature story
    A group of volunteers who love the Hutt River are helping to care for it over summer.
  • Summer Series 2017 - A day out measuring at Molesworth

    Feature story
    As the road behind Hanmer Springs turns to gravel and a dust cloud forms in the rear vision mirror, the southern edge of Molesworth Station unfolds.
  • Summer Series 2017 - Look out for these marine pests

    Feature story
    Every year NIWA carries out numerous marine surveillance missions, surveys at ports and harbours around the country. Their divers are looking for the pests that have hitched a ride to New Zealand waters and are capable of destroying our unique ecosystems and shellfish industry.
  • Summer series 2017 - One fish, two fish…we're counting on you

    Feature story
    “You almost become a fishing psychologist – you can tell by the way people walk up the ramp to get their trailer if they’ve had a good day.”
  • Summer Series 2017 - NIWA's Year of Weather

    Feature story
    Four seasons with a little bit of everything.
    It started with the bummer summer… then came the fires, rain, flooding and a very weird November.
    But it’s all in a year of weather as NIWA wraps up the seasonal highlights.
  • Summer Series 2017 - A year of new knowledge

    Feature story
    It’s been a year of discovery for NIWA scientists who now know more than they did 12 months ago – their top five discoveries for the year range from the bottom of the ocean to the top of the atmosphere.