Dr Cindy Baker

Principal Scientist - Freshwater Fish


B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D., N.Z.C.S

Science Centre

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Freshwater fish physiology and ecology. Key areas of expertise are:

  • Fish ecology: research on management strategies for population enhancement and recruitment of native diadromous species, specialising in lamprey and galaxiid species. 
  • Fish passage: mitigation of upstream access problems for native fish, specialising in the design of fish passage solutions at low and high head migration barriers.
  • Resource consent studies: assessment of the ecological effects arising from electricity generation and wastewater discharge, and protection of aquatic biota at water intake structures.  
  • Chemical communication in freshwater fish: pheromone and semio-chemical use for population monitoring, enhancement and control. 
  • Sensory biology: the integration of olfactory and lateral line sensory systems and their role in fish biology 


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