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RV Tangaroa spots first iceberg

At midnight on Saturday, the crew on RV Tangaroa spotted the first iceberg of the voyage.

It was a highly anticipated moment. The ship’s doctor Jenny Visser had earlier organised a sweepstake where entrants guessed where Tangaroa would sight the first iceberg.

After a day or so of searching, the crew on the bridge spotted the drifting hunk of ice at 62°S.

Dr Jenny Visser must have done a bit of pre-voyage homework because she was the winner of the iceberg sweepstake. 

RV Tangaroa is now approaching the Ross Sea.

The first iceberg sighting from RV Tangaroa's voyage (TAN2101) to the Southern Ocean and the Ross Sea was captured on camera by NIWA marine ecologist Dr Leigh Tait.

Watching for icebergs on the bridge is a peaceful way to pass downtime aboard RV Tangaroa. [Photo: Stuart Mackay, NIWA]

RV Tangaroa enters iceberg territory. 

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