Coasts and Oceans

The science behind a sound environmental management of our marine resources.

Coasts and Oceans

The Coasts & Oceans Centre aims to provide the knowledge needed for the sound environmental management of our marine resources.

This will ensure that the economic, social and environmental benefits are realised now, and into the future. 

The instruments at work - In the volcano's wake

Our team onboard RV Tangaroa are equipped with all the tech and tools they need to explore the undersea changes caused by the devastating volcanic eruption in Tonga earlier this year.

Mapping the Tongan eruption

The January eruption of the Tongan volcano Hunga Tonga – Hunga Ha’apai triggered tsunamis as far away as the Caribbean. NIWA scientists are onboard RV Tangaroa surveying the ocean around the volcano, working to understand the largest eruption of its kind since 1981 so they can help increase our knowledge about similar volcanoes around the world.

Hazards in the Tasman Sea

You’ll be blown away by what these women in science are up to onboard this RV Tangaroa voyage to the Tasman Sea.

Exploring deep-sea oases

Deep below the ocean surface, life thrives in a world once thought to be inhospitable.

The science behind sediment cores

How do humans impact shallow marine environments?

Sea spiders

Sea spiders look similar to land spiders, but they are in their own special group.

Ram's horn squid

Have you ever seen these shells on the beach?

Microplastics: a deeper problem than we thought?

There is increasing global concern about the presence of plastic pollution in our oceans.

Muddy secrets in the Kaikōura Canyon

Kaikōura Canyon reveals its muddy secrets

Seabed 2030

Did you know NIWA is leading a NZ partnership in a worldwide initiative to map the entire globe’s seafloor? Found out more about the Seabed 2030 initiative.

ROPOS is helping scientists

Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle helping scientists collect the latest earthquake data

The Gorgon’s Head

Check out the latest critter of the deep, with Sadie Mills!

A little Antarctic octopus

This really cute little octopus is from cold Antarctic waters.