Coasts and Oceans

The science behind a sound environmental management of our marine resources.

Coasts and Oceans

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The Coasts & Oceans Centre aims to provide the knowledge needed for the sound environmental management of our marine resources.

This will ensure that the economic, social and environmental benefits are realised now, and into the future. 

The science behind sediment cores

How do humans impact shallow marine environments?

Scientists get to the bottom of it

NIWA scientists recently headed to the Kaikōura coast for an in-depth look at deep sea changes post the 2016 earthquake. High-res data from an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) on loan from the University of Gothenburg has revealed the Kaikōura Canyon like never before.

The Gorgon’s Head

Check out the latest critter of the deep, with Sadie Mills!

Check out this giant sea spider!

Sea spiders look similar to land spiders, but they are in their own special group.

The octopus from Antarctica...

This really cute little octopus is from cold Antarctic waters.

Secrets of the Ram's horn squid

Have you ever seen these shells on the beach?

Dr Jade Maggs talks about reef sharks

A global survey involving 123 scientists from 58 nations raises concerns about the global status of reef sharks.