Coasts and Oceans

The science behind a sound environmental management of our marine resources.

Coasts and Oceans

The Coasts & Oceans Centre aims to provide the knowledge needed for the sound environmental management of our marine resources.

This will ensure that the economic, social and environmental benefits are realised now, and into the future. 

A job for the buoys

New Zealanders and Pacific Island communities are on their way to having the most advanced tsunami monitoring system in the world.

Queen of the critters

Sadie Mills has come a long way from scaring the inhabitants of Scottish rock pools. Sarah Fraser explains.

Scientist spots shark sperm storage strategy

A NIWA researcher has found the first evidence that female deep sea sharks store sperm as a strategy to preserve the species and possibly avoid aggressive mating encounters.

NIWA science divers finish mud marathon

Where there’s mud, there’s scientists. NIWA divers recently got down and dirty while completing a harbour-wide dive survey in the Wellington area.