Bountiful Bryozoans

An interactive guide to the bryozoans of New Zealand.

Bryozoans—also known as moss animals and sea mats—are little known by most people but are a beautiful and diverse group adapted to live in many marine habitats, from the intertidal zone to the continental shelf, deep ocean trenches, and abyssal plains.

The guide is a fully illustrated interactive pdf with high-quality images of the bryozoans in life. Just click on an image in the species index and you will be taken to a species page packed with information, beautiful images, and icons to simplify identification. An additional microscopic characters box is provided to take identifications further if desired.


Bountiful Bryozoans - an interactive guide [PDF 11MB]

Bountiful bryozoans - an interactive guide to the bryozoans of New Zealand. [Photo: Crispin Middleton, NIWA]


Principal Technician - Marine Biology
Cornuticella taurina (Busk, 1852) [Photo: Crispin Middleton, NIWA]
Parasmittina delicatula (Busk, 1884) [Crispin Middleton, NIWA]
Hornera foliacea (MacGillivray, 1869) [Photo: Malcolm P. Francis, NIWA]