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Antarctic Ecosystems Voyage highlights

The voyage was a joint project between New Zealand’s National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) and the Australian Antarctic Division, supported by Antarctic New Zealand and NZ Government ministries, Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE), Ministry for the Environment (MfE), and the Australian Government’s Department of Environment.

Great white shark - Pip

The second of our series on New Zealand great whites we’re introducing you to Pip. She’s a recent addition to our tagging programme and is a decent size at 3.3 metres long.

See NIWA scientists talking about their work, along with fascinating animations and underwater footage.

The instruments at work - In the volcano's wake
Our team onboard RV Tangaroa are equipped with all the tech and tools they need to explore the undersea changes caused by the devastating volcanic eruption in Tonga earlier this year.
Tonga eruption and tsunami shock the world
Tsunamis and shockwaves hit continents on the other side of the Pacific.
Hazards in the Tasman Sea
You’ll be blown away by what these women in science are up to onboard this RV Tangaroa voyage to the Tasman Sea.
Kaikōura Canyon
Our team of researchers have recently returned from a voyage onboard RV Tangaroa to retrieve moorings deployed to collect sediment samples from the Kaikōura Canyon.
Kaikōura Canyon's muddy secrets
Kaikōura Canyon reveals its muddy secrets
RiskScape - Making us and our environment safer from natural hazards
RiskScape is New Zealand's next generation, open source, loss modelling software developed by GNS Science and NIWA in collaboration with the Toka Tū Ake (EQC) and Catalyst IT Limited.
Weather Tips - What is El Niño?
El Niño. We hear it being brought up in the news quite a bit, but what does it actually mean? No, it's not a type of yoghurt!
Tropical Cyclone Outlook: November 2020-April 2021
The NIWA and MetService assessment of named tropical cyclone (TC) activity indicates 8 to 10 named TCs could occur in the Southwest Pacific basin between November 2020 and April 2021.
Tropical Cyclone Outlook: November 2021-April 2022
The NIWA and MetService assessment of named tropical cyclone (TC) activity indicates 9 to 12 named TCs could occur in the Southwest Pacific basin between November 2021 and April 2022. The seasonal outlook is for normal to slightly above normal activity in terms of overall named TCs in the region.
Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle helps scientists collect data
Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle helping scientists collect the latest earthquake data.
NZ sea lion mystery
The main breeding population of NZ sea lions at the Auckland Islands has declined by approximately 50% since the late 1990s.
Lake Tekapo - A Tsunami Hazard?
NIWA scientists scan Lake Tekapo with the aim of finding out if submarine landslides can create a tsunami hazard for the Lake Tekapo township and hydropower infrastructure.
What is greenhouse gas and how is it measured?
Principal Technician Gordon Brailsford and Atmospheric Scientist Katja Riedel talk us though how greenhouse gases are measured at the Baring Head monitoring station near Welling
NIWA science - making a difference
What does NIWA do? The answer might surprise you. This video is an introduction to NIWA scientists and the wide range of work they do. Our staff work across freshwater,climate and ocean research platforms throughout New Zealand and the wider Pacific region.
Ice divers
A specialist dive team venture under the Antarctic sea ice to work on an ocean acidification experiment, and they bring back some breath taking video of the environment along the way.
Seasonal Climate Outlook - making your business more profitable
Chris Brandolino (Principal Scientist - Forecasting) talks about how our seasonal climate outlooks can help your business succeed.
Freshwater fish swim their all for science
The tiny inanga have been plucked from Waikato streams and held in a darkened laboratory for the last month, undertaking highly advanced testing to find the strongest, fittest and fastest fish.
Surveying scallops populations with artificial intelligence
Together with the University of Canterbury and Fisheries NZ, NIWA has been working to develop a catch-free, non-invasive method of surveying scallop populations. Find out how...
Southern right whale observed in Wellington Harbour
On 4 July 2018 NIWA photographer Dave Allen took some close-up footage of a southern right whale seen surfacing in Wellington Harbour for several days.
2022-23 Summer Climate Summary from Ben Noll
2022-23 Summer Climate Summary from NIWA Meteorologist/Forecaster Ben Noll.