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Antarctic Ecosystems Voyage highlights

The voyage was a joint project between New Zealand’s National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) and the Australian Antarctic Division, supported by Antarctic New Zealand and NZ Government ministries, Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE), Ministry for the Environment (MfE), and the Australian Government’s Department of Environment.

Great white shark - Pip

The second of our series on New Zealand great whites we’re introducing you to Pip. She’s a recent addition to our tagging programme and is a decent size at 3.3 metres long.

See NIWA scientists talking about their work, along with fascinating animations and underwater footage.

Al Brown - Hapuku, The Best Farmed Finfish in the World
NZ chef Al Brown discusses the potential for farmed hapuku from New Zealand to make it big in the world of fine dining. 
Farmed Hapuku - Aquaculture Superstar
NZ Chef Al Brown extols the virtues of our aquaculture superstar. Farmed hapuku looks set to tempt the most discerning of palates at the world's best restaurants. 
Weather forecasting - Let's make it better!
NIWA performs world class climate, ocean and weather related hazards modelling.
Tangaroa's Dynamic Positioning System - How does it work?
RV Tangaroa has a DP2 system - currently the only one on a New Zealand vessel.
Desmonema gaudichaudi jellyfish
On Friday November 11th, a large spotted jellyfish was seen floating just off the coast in Evans Bay, 50 m north of the NIWA campus at Greta Point.
Happy Feet Departs Wellington
Happy Feet, the emperor penguin that's captured the hearts of New Zealanders and others around the world, is finally homeward bound, onboard NIWA's largest research vessel, Tangaroa.
Australian cave divers exploring the Pearse Resurgence, a cave system near Nelson, in search of samples of stygofauna.
Happy Feet Release
Happy Feet was successfully released at 10:28 NZST on Sunday 4 September from Niwa's research vessel Tangaroa.
Seabed Frontier: A Brief History of Bathymetry
NIWA marine geologist John Mitchell gives a brief history of bathymetric (seabed) charting, and how it's been carried out over the last few hundred years. (01:18) 
Summer Camp - Extreme
PhD Student Eleanor Rainsley tells us about her experience living and working on Taylor Glacier, Antarctica. 
SAFE PASSAGE: Ice Pilot’s critical mission
Ice pilot Scott Laughlin is on the New Zealand - Australia Antarctic Ecosystems Voyage to guide RV Tangaroa through the Antarctic waters.
New Zealand-Australia Antarctic Ecosystems Voyage highlights
Highlights of the New Zealand-Australia Antarctic Ecosystems Voyage 2015.
Bad weather while returning from Antarctic voyage
NIWA’s RV Tangaroa encounters bad weather while returning to New Zealand from Antarctica.
Tropical Cyclone Pam heads south
NIWA Forecaster Chris Brandolino discusses possible impacts on New Zealand as Tropical Cyclone Pam begins moving towards our region.
Tropical Cyclone Pam: Update 14 March
Watch the very latest from NIWA Forecaster Chris Brandolino on Tropical Cyclone Pam’s expected movements and impacts on New Zealand.
Tropical Cyclone Pam: Update 15 March
View the very latest from NIWA Forecaster Chris Brandolino on the expected impacts former Tropical Cyclone Pam will have on parts of the North Island.
Antarctic Voyage - The Good Bits
Footage - mostly time lapse - from the New Zealand-Australia Antarctic Ecosystems Voyage 2015...with some random music!
Taking the pulse of Antarctica’s ocean ecosystem
Niwa scientists have anchored an echosounder to the sea floor of Terra Nova Bay that could reveal the mystery of silverfish reproduction under the Antarctic ice.
World Cup weather forecast: NZ vs South Africa
NIWA's Chris Brandolino presents the match day weather forecast ahead of New Zealand's World Cup semi-final against South Africa.
Good news for 2021: the testing found no further Bonamia ostreae!
Changes in the Foveaux Strait oyster population due to the bonamia parasite have led to new challenges for NIWA scientists.