Meet our students & graduates

Meet some students and graduates who share their experience and where it has taken them.

Wenjie Wu

Supervised by Carolyn Lundquist 

Wenjie Wu’s fascination for marine life and drive to protect our oceans led him towards a PhD in Marine Science, specialising in the Pelagic dispersal and population connectivity of the green-lipped mussel. 

Liv Cornelissen

Supervised by Craig Stevens

Liv Cornelissen is working towards a PhD at the NIWA, specialising in ocean modelling and ocean observations. 

Open wide: Snapper teeth secrets

Georgia Third

Supervised by Darren Parsons - Graduated in 2022

Past NIWA and University of Auckland masters student Georgia Third was filmed getting up close and personal with snapper guts and teeth to understand the differences between biologically distinct snapper populations in New Zealand. 

Dina Hanifah

Supervised by Sally Watson

International student Dina Hanifah is completing a thesis in marine geology and geophysics, aiming to solve unanswered questions about our oceans.

Ash Heaphy

Supervised by Darren Parsons

Ash Heaphy is channelling her fear of the ocean into a PhD, investigating marine ecosystems in the Hauraki Gulf.

Meet our past students

Supervised by Carolyn Lundquist

DegreeStudentSupervisorSchoolConferral dateThesis titleCurrent employer
Currently enrolled
MScBrianna MarvinPrimary supervisorInstitute of Marine Science2025, currently enrolledHarnessing citizen science to reconnect people and nature. Enrolled
MScCalum DoughtyPrimary supervisorSchool of Biological Sciences2025, currently enrolledIncorporating connectivity into marine reserve design for deep sea coralsEnrolled
MScAnirudh ArvindPrimary supervisorInstitute of Marine Science2024, currently enrolledVariability in conservation priorities across taxonomic groups in the Otago region.Enrolled
MScSarndra TheoboldPrimary supervisorSchool of Environment2025, currently enrolledApplying the Nature Futures Framework to values for invasive macroalgae in Aotearoa.Enrolled
Under examination, University of Waikato    
PhD Stephanie WatsonPrimary supervisorSchool of Science, University of Waikato2024, Thesis under examinationMarine stressor and receptor interactions: A new approach to incorporate multiple stressor impacts into marine spatial managementEnrolled
PhD Gabby O'ConnorCo-supervisorSchool of Dance2024, Thesis under examinationScience Nexus and Environmental ComplexityEnrolled
PhD Wenjie WuCo-supervisorInstitute of Marine Science2024, Thesis under examinationConnectivity of greenshell mussels in the eastern Bay of Plenty using trace elemental fingerprintsEnrolled
MScVanessa CrockettPrimary supervisorSchool of Environment2023Modelling the Distribution and Connectivity of Biogenic Habitat in the Tīkapa Moana-Te Moanaui-ā-Toi-Hauraki Gulf Marine ParkData Expert, AIA, Auckland
PhD Mengie WeiCo-supervisorSchool of Environment2022“Blue Carbon” characteristics across vegetated and non-vegetated coastal habitats in the Auckland Region, New ZealandPostdoctoral researcher, China
PhD Tamlin JeffersonPrimary supervisorInstitute of Marine Science2022Maximising marine conservation while maintaining fishing: Designing marine protected areas with multiple objectivesBlue Infinity Ecology, Auckland
PhDNestor Robinson Co-supervisorSchool of Biological Sciences2020Predicting habitat suitability of invasive red seaweeds at global scale, using Species Distribution Models (SDMs). StatsNZ
PhDCraig NorriePrimary supervisorInstitute of Marine Science2019Quantifying population connectivity of marine larvae: Hydrodynamic modelling and shell microchemistry methods to determine larval dispersal of Perna canaliculusPostdoctoral researcher, University of Washington
PhDSuyadiCo-supervisorSchool of Environment2018Spatial distribution of mangroves in the Auckland Region (1940-2014) and implications for aboveground carbon stocksBadan Riset dan Inovasi Nasional / National Research and Innovation Agency, Indonesia
PhDIrawan AsaadCo-supervisorInstitute of Marine Science2018Prioritization of Marine Biodiversity Conservation in the Coral Triangle Ministry of Forestry, Indonesia
PhDJenny HillmanPrimary supervisorInstitute of Marine Science2018Habitat variability and ecosystem processes in intertidal soft-sedimentsResearch Fellow, University of Auckland
PhDRichard BulmerPrimary supervisorInstitute of Marine Science2017Mangrove ecosystem dynamics and clearance impactsTidal Research, Auckland
PhDRebecca Gladstone-GallagherCo-supervisorSchool of Science, University of Waikato2017The role of cross boundary subsidies of macrophyte detritus in soft-sediment ecosystem function Rutherford Fellowship, University of Auckland
PhDPhil RossCo-supervisorSchool of Science, University of Waikato2012Connectivity amongst New Zealand estuaries: Using the common cockle Austrovenus stutchburyi as a model to examine inter-estuary dispersal and predict larval transport.Ministry of Primary Industries, New Zealand
MScCharles MichieCo-supervisorSchool of Biological Sciences2023Variation in larval settlement patterns and its power in predicting genetic divergence of benthic marine invertebrates around New ZealandPhD student, United Kingdom
MScHolly FlemingPrimary supervisorInstitute of Marine Science2021The Creation of Novel Ecosystem Models to Explore the Restoration of Green-Lipped, Perna canaliculus, Mussel Reefs in the Hauraki Gulf, New Zealand.Terra Pura Consulting, Auckland
MScNidhi YogeshPrimary supervisorInstitute of Marine Science2021Priority Areas for Marine Conservation in the Lakshadweep Islands of IndiaNIWA
MScDallas Jack HamiltonPrimary supervisorInstitute of Marine Science2019Greenhouse gas fluxes on emerged, unvegetated intertidal flatsPhD student, University of Waikato
MScLuca MoriPrimary supervisorInstitute of Marine Science2017Analysis of ecosystem services as a framework to implement the management of New Zealand Exclusive Economic ZoneConservation International, Auckland
MScLukas MeysickCo-Primary supervisorUniversity of Oldenburg, Germany2016Disturbance drives alternative states in marine benthic communitiesPostdoctoral researcher, Helmholtz Institute for Functional Marine Biodiversity (HIFMB), University of Oldenburg, Germany
MScCraig NorriePrimary supervisorInstitute of Marine Science2015Potential use of laser ablation inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (LA-ICP-MS) techniques for determining larval dispersal of Austrovenus stutchburyi in Whangarei HarbourPostdoctoral researcher, University of Washington
MScSusan JacksonPrimary supervisorInstitute of Marine Science2014Prioritisation of areas in the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park for biodiversity conservationTonkin & Taylor
MScCherrys AbrigoCo-supervisorInstitute of Marine Science2013Comparison of methods to assess connectivity between marine reserves in New ZealandSierreza, Phillipines
MScRebecca Gladstone-GallagherPrimary supervisorSchool of Science, University of Waikato2012Production and decay of mangrove (Avicennia marina subsp. australasica) detritus and its effects on coastal benthic communitiesRutherford Fellowship, University of Auckland
MScClarisse NiemandCo-supervisorSchool of Science, University of Waikato2009The application of elemental fingerprinting techniques to identify population connectivity using Austrovenus stutchburyi recruitsPhD student, University of Waikato
MScErin Tehekenga PetuhaCo-supervisorSchool of Science, University of Waikato2005 A simple model of post-settlement transport of juvenile bivalves, with particular reference to the effect of bivalve size, shape and behaviourHawke’s Bay Regional Council

Supervised by Darren Parsons

DegreeStudentDate graduatedThesis titleCurrent employer
MScTony Pan2018Effects of Elevated CO2 on the Growth Performance, Respiratory Physiology, and Visual Acuity of Key Coastal Marine FishesMinistry for Primary Industries, Nelson
MScKirsty Goode2019Development of a metabolic bio-indicator of nursery habitat quality for juvenile snapper (Chrysophrys auratus, Sparidae)Normandeau Accociates, Massachusetts
MScLaura Drummond2020How Does Diet Affect Snapper (Chrysophyrs auratus) Movement?Bioresearchers, Auckland
MScRicha Garg2020Environment-Recruitment Relationships and Catch Data Based Analysis of Movement Patterns in New Zealand Snapper (Chrysophrys auratus)University of London Veterinary student
MScVeronica Rotman2020Microplastic contamination in wild hoki, and effects of ingestion in snapperPhD student, UoA
MScDevina Shetty2020Incidence of microplastics in coastal inshore fish species and surface waters in the Hauraki Gulf, New ZealandMinistry for the Environment, Wellington
MScGeorgia Third2022Morphological and diet variation in Chrysophrys auratus populationsUC Santa Cruz PhD student
PhDJessica MarinovichCurrent PhD studentAre snapper (Chrysophrys auratus) important in the control of kina (Evechinus chloroticus) on New Zealand rocky reefs? 
PhDAsh HeaphyCurrent PhD studentInteractions between snapper and green-lipped mussel logline aquaculture in the Hauraki Gulf 
PhDLucy Underwood2023Habitat value of green-lipped mussel (Perna canaliculus) farms for fish in northern Aotearoa New ZealandTonkin and Taylor, Auckland

Supervised by Craig Stevens

Degree Student Date graduated Thesis topic Current role
PhDLiv Cornelissenin progressPolynya mechanicsStudent
PhDXiahou Yingpu Liin progressIce shelf-ocean interaction Student
MScAlice Overendsubmitted Dispersion processes in tidal flowsTechnologist, NIWA
PhDKhushboo Jhugroo2019Shelf seas salinity plumesEnvironmental consultant , Canada
MScRen ZhongyuangDid not complete 2020Mixing on the Campbell Plateau Not known
PhDRebecca McPherson2018Buoyant plumes in fjordsResearch Scientist AWI, Germany
MScJorlyn Le Garrec2018Ocean sampling technologyEnergy engineering California
PhDRichard Wilson2018Turbidity plumesEngineering consultant Auckland
M EngTerry Moore2012Renewable energyRetired