Joint Graduate School in Coastal and Marine Science

Our partnership with the University of Auckland provides a range of postgraduate research opportunities that will prepare students for careers in marine science.

The Joint Graduate School in Coastal and Marine Science, co-managed by NIWA and the University of Auckland, is equipping and energising young scientists from New Zealand and around the world for outstanding careers in oceanic research. Our vast and varied marine estate is the ultimate beneficiary.  

The Joint Graduate School has been running since 2012 and each year between 15 and 20 Masters and PhD students are enrolled. Students are offered degrees in a range of coastal and marine topics including coastal processes, marine geology research, oceanography research, aquaculture research, fisheries research, and evolution, systematics, and ecology research.

Students can research a range of topics under each of these subjects. Find details and contacts for more information

  • Meet Staff - JGS

    Meet our staff

    NIWA partners with UOA to provide postgraduates with the opportunity to work at the forefront of coastal and marine research.
  • Joint graduate school - Meet the students

    Meet our students & graduates

    Meet some students and graduates who share their experience and where it has taken them.

    Summer/Spring School

    The Joint Graduate School runs regular gatherings to connect students and faculty across the university and the NIWA sites.
  • Our Facilities

    NIWA offers some unique advantages for postgraduate students including access to vessels, laboratories and more.