Top Tray - Understand the issues

This is the introductory level of the Toolbox

This is the introductory level of the Toolbox.

The tools in this tray provide some general context and background information on climate change impacts and adaptation in urban environments, as well as some key steps for beginning the process of evaluation.

Tool 1.1: Urban environments and climate change

(PDF 400 KB)

  • This Tool endeavours to provide context for the whole of the Toolbox by answering some frequently asked questions.

Tool 1.2: General climate change information and guidance for New Zealand 

(PDF 227 KB)

  • Provides basic climate change guidance for NZ and information on the IPCC. 

Tool 1.3: An introduction to risk assessment 

(PDF 558 KB)

  • Provides introductory guidance on basic risk assessment methods appropriate for use in setting priorities in terms of climate change issues of concern and the vulnerability of assets. 

Tool 1.4: Urban environments and climate change – Statutory context 

(PDF 414 KB)

  • Outlines key legislation that influences planning and infrastructure for urban environments, and where to obtain update information. 

Tool 1.5: Council policy and plan auditing tool 

(PDF 412 KB)

  • Provides the basis for undertaking a 'health-check' audit of existing planning provisions to take account of climate change effects and to identify gaps and needs for additional planning instruments. 

Tool 1.5 supplemental - A spreadsheet example of the policy and plan audit tool (PDF 225 KB)

Tool 1.6: Sensitivity matrix prioritisation tool 

(PDF 856 KB)

  • Provides the basis for structured subjective assessment of the vulnerability of an entity (e.g. a Council) to climate change effects across its assets and service responsibilities. 

Tool 1.7: Sources of information, help and expertise for climate change impact assessments & glossary 

(PDF 164 KB)

  • Lists key sources of existing climate change information for NZ and overseas (reports and web pages); includes a detailed glossary of terms used throughout the Toolbox.

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