Third Tray - Identify the risks

Do we need to be more risk averse in the future?

Do we need to be more risk averse in the future?

The third stage of the evaluation is assessing the risks associated with a particular hazard or mix of hazards. This involves assessing what is likely to be impacted by the particular hazard or hazards. The tools in this tray are:

Tool 3.1: Climate change risk assessment good practice

(PDF 1 MB)

  • Provides guidance on quantifying climate change risks, the treatment of uncertainty and how to make judgements about the tolerability of risk, to support decisions about the levels of protection that would be considered sufficient and appropriate. 

Tool 3.2: Using RiskScape for risk analysis

(PDF 400 KB)

  • Description of RiskScape, a regional risk and impact assessment tool. Its primary purpose is to provide a framework in which the risk of impact to assets due to various hazards can be calculated. This information can be used for a wide range of applications, from planning to hazard management to asset management.

More information about RiskScape

Tool 3.3: Case study example of risk assessment using RiskScape

(PDF 1.2 MB)

  • This tool demonstrates how RiskScape can be used to evaluate the impact of future flooding. 

Tool 3.4: Investigating urban growth and change to inform the risk assessment process

(PDF 673 KB)

  • This tool provides an outline of where to obtain relevant information, including uncertainties, for predicting urban growth and change to inform the risk assessment process in the context of managing climate change effects in the urban environment. 

Tool 3.5: Subjective quantified risk analysis tool

(PDF 860 KB)

  • The Subjective QRA tool provides order-of-magnitude estimates of the consequences and risks of defined events which may be used in preliminary evaluations of high-level strategic options for adapting to climate change, amongst other things.  

Tool 3.6: Linkages to hazard assessment, adaptation options and decision tools

(PDF 348 KB)

  • This tool identifies the linkages from the risk tools in this tray back to hazard assessment tools and forward to decision tools. 

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