Fifth Tray - Using the tools and improving practice

What are the key messages?

What are the key messages?

The fifth and final stage of the process is to provide messages to help integrate hazard, risk, and adaptation information into the local government decision-making and planning process. The messages in this tray are:

Message 5.1: Managing information (including use of climate change check-lists)

(PDF 365 KB)

  • Explains the range of information that the practitioner needs to be aware of. 

Message 5.2: Keeping up to date

(PDF 386 KB)

  • Outlines the fast-moving nature of climate change information. 

Message 5.3: Climate change - the long-term view

(PDF 436 KB)

  • Outlines guidance on timeframes for planning and decisions. 

Message 5.4: Adopting a balanced approach

(PDF 541 KB)

  • Discusses adaptation approaches and the basis for decisions on community responses. 

Message 5.5: Community resilience and sustainable development 

(PDF 488 KB)

  • Describes some concepts and techniques used to assist in transforming communities towards greater resilience.  

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Wellington city waterfront, from atop Mt Victoria. The tools in this Toolbox can be used to inform local government policy makers on long-term strategies to reduce the risks associated with climate change, such as sea level rise.