Aquatic plant overview, weed management options & freshwater plant ID guides.

"There is generally a low level of public understanding of the special characteristics, values and vulnerabilities of freshwater biodiversity."

(NZ Biodiversity Strategy 2000)

Managers of freshwater environments and members of the general public have a big part to play in the protection of New Zealand’s aquatic life. Accessible information and useful resources can assist.

NIWA provides practical educational and training resources on freshwater issues and plant identification, with a number of resources tailored to particular end-user needs. Specialist advice allows managers to consider wide issues and options in managing freshwater vegetation. NIWA provides information to guide policy makers, particularly in prioritising weedy species and strategies for their management. A network of colleges around the world ensures our research is current and benefits from recent advances.



Respond to end-user needs

Input to policy

J Clayton, NIWA
NIWA diver, Aleki Taumoepeau, records macrophyte presence in Lake Waikaremoana (Photo: J Clayton, NIWA)