Making Waves - March 2020

Welcome to this issue of Making Waves featuring some of the stories from our Ocean Platform scientists that have appeared over the summer. 

In this issue

  • Epic spiny red rock lobster

    Sam Fraser-Baxter heads to the Wairarapa for one of New Zealand’s longest-running marine surveys – counting baby lobster.
  • Under the Antarctic ice

    The rich diversity of marine life near Scott Base in Antarctica has stunned scientists diving under the ice to set up environmental monitoring sites.
  • The frozen menagerie

    Just past the locks, alarms and big heavy doors is a rather macabre sight.
  • Science of the high seas

    Ever wondered what fish is served in a Filet-o-Fish at MacDonald’s? It’s hoki. Fish fingers at the supermarket? Chances are, they’ll be hoki too.
  • Giant squid and glow-in-the-dark sharks surprise scientists

    A giant squid and several glow-in-the-dark sharks were surprise finds for NIWA scientists last month on the Chatham Rise during a voyage to survey hoki, New Zealand’s most valuable commercial fish species.