Coasts services

How can we help you?

The Coasts and Estuaries Centre provides research services in a range of areas.

These include:

  • physical oceanography
  • ocean geology
  • marine ecology
  • primary production
  • microbial processes - remote sensing.

We also offer expert services in environmental impact assessment in coastal areas, coastal erosion and hazards, environmental monitoring, numerical modelling and coastal habitat assessments.

We provide consultancy and research for:

  • environmental impact assessment
  • determining rates of coastal erosion to assist planning decisions
  • climate change impacts on coastal environments
  • ecotoxicological assessment of contaminated port and estuarine sediments
  • environmental monitoring of estuarine ecosystems
  • numerical modelling of hydrodynamics, dispersion, sediment-transport, water quality and larvae
  • investigating impacts of coastal outfall and stormwater/sewer discharges
  • habitat mapping and swath bathymetry of coastal environments.