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Dr Andrew (Drew) Lorrey (Group Manager - Weather and Climate Applications, NIWA Auckland)

Drew has led the Climate Present and Past project since 2009. His work utilises a diverse background in climate science, environmental science and geology to improve our understanding of the global climate system.

Drew manages the Palaeoclimate Research Laboratory and the NIWA Ancient Kauri Archive. He is also the co-lead of the Southern Hemisphere Assessment of PalaeoEnvironments (SHAPE) project supported by INQUA. 

Dr Nico Fauchereau (Climate Scientist, NIWA Hamilton)

Nicolas (Nico) Fauchereau is a Climate scientist based at NIWA Hamilton, having joined NIWA in 2012. He is involved in a variety of projects, ranging from modern climate processes, seasonal forecastingand reconstruction of past climates. 

Nico brings expertise on climate analysis methods (statistics, time-series analysis, machine learning) and scientific computing (mainly using the Python programming language) and open science.

Mr Christian Hyde (Technician, NIWA Auckland)

Christian has significant laboratory experience. He is in charge of NIWA-based laboratory analyses and makes contributions across laboratory and field work done in Climate Present & Past, particularly kauri chemistry and micromilling carbonate samples ahead of mass spectrometry.

Christian manages the Auckland-based Chemistry Laboratory and co-manages the Palaeoclimate Research Laboratory with Drew. In his spare time, Christian enjoys surfing and the outdoors.

Mrs Petra Pearce (Climate Scientist, NIWA Auckland)

Petra has a MSc (Hons) in Physical Geography from the University of Auckland. Her research interests include reconstructing New Zealand's historical climate using observations taken by early settlers and ships, and understanding past landscape change and palaeoclimatic controls on landscapes.

She is a keen photographer and enjoys getting out in the field. 

Dr Brett Mullan (Principal Scientist, NIWA Wellington)

Brett has a BSc (Hons, 1st class) in Physics from the University of Auckland, and a Doctorate in Meteorology from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His research interests in this programme include understanding trends in New Zealand temperature data, and interpreting how modes of climate variability such as the El Nino-Southern Oscillation and Interdecadal Pacific Oscillation affect New Zealand and the southwest Pacific.

Brett also leads the NIWA Climate Prediction programme, and has many years’ experience in producing forecasts of seasonal weather and climate variations, validating climate models, and developing climate change scenarios.

Mr Andrew Willsman (Principal Technician, NIWA Dunedin)

Andrew has a BSc (Hons) in Geology and Geography from the University of Otago. He is a Principal Technician specialising in monitoring mountain climates and freshwater hydrology. He has been involved with the NZ glacier End of Summer Snowline project since 2003 and has been involved in establishing a network of high altitude climate stations through the Southern Alps.

In his time away from work Andrew enjoys climbing, tramping, and hunting in the mountains.

Dr Sam Dean (Chief Scientist, Climate, Atmosphere and Hazards)

Sam is an expert on using climate models to understand the drivers of climate variability in New Zealand and Antarctica, and in particular human-induced climate change. His research has been able to identify the contribution of human-induced warming to intensifying current New Zealand weather extremes, including droughts and floods. 

Ms Nava Fedaeff (Climate Scientist, NIWA Auckland)

Nava has a BSc (Hons) in Physical Geography (specialising in Environmental Science) from the University of Auckland. Her research interests include understanding the drivers and impacts of weather and climate in the past, present and future.

She is a keen traveller and enjoys visiting new landscapes.

Mr Gregor Macara (Climate Scientist, NIWA Wellington)

Gregor has a MSc in Geography from the University of Otago. His research interests include climate and weather extremes in New Zealand, and the implications of climate change on New Zealand’s cryosphere.

He feels at home amongst mountains, particularly with a pair of skis underfoot, and enjoys landscape photography.

Mr John-Mark Woolley (Climate Research Scientist, NIWA Auckland)

John-Mark has a MSc (Hons) in geology from the University of Auckland. His research interests include the reconstruction and understanding of past climates and environments on a range of timescales. He is also responsible for maintaining the South Pacific Rainfall Atlas (SPRAT).

In his spare time, John-Mark enjoys various outdoor activities including tramping and surfing. 

Mr Stephen Stuart (Climate Scientist, NIWA Wellington)

Stephen is involved in several research projects relating to New Zealand climate variability, future climate projections, historical temperatures and Southern Alps precipitation.

Stephen is experienced in climate modelling using the UK Met Office Unified Model, geospatial analysis and scientific software development. Stephen joined NIWA in 2012.

Mr Craig Stanton (IT Systems Development Manager, NIWA Auckland)

Craig has a BSc (First Hons) in Computer Science from the University of Auckland. He has worked as a software engineer for 14 years in fields such as automated glass production, in-car navigation devices and  scientific databases.

He is a keen hiker and enjoys seeing the world on foot.

Mr Uwe Duesing (Senior Software Developer, NIWA Auckland)

Uwe is the Senior Developer for the Auckland-based NIWA Software Development Team. He has more than 15 years of experience in software development.  In his spare time Uwe likes to work on his old Bungalow extending his DIY skills.

Other organisations

Assoc. Professor Andrew Mackintosh (Victoria University of Wellington)

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Dr Brian Anderson (Victoria University of Wellington)

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Dr Huw Horgan (Victoria University of Wellington)

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Trevor Chinn, DSc (Alpine and Polar Processes Consultancy, Wanaka)

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Dr Nicolas Cullen (University of Otago)

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Dr Howard Diamond (NOAA)

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Professor James Renwick (Victoria University of Wellington)

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Dr Rob Allan (UK Met Office)

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Dr Phil Brohan (UK Met Office)

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Dr Clive Wilkinson (University of East Anglia)

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Dr Ursula Rack (University of Canterbury)

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Dr Gil Compo (NOAA)

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Assoc. Professor Anthony Fowler (University of Auckland)

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Dr Gretel Boswijk (University of Auckland)

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Assoc. Professor Paul Augustinus (University of Auckland)

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Dr Tim Barrows (University of Exeter)

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Peter Almond (Lincoln University)

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Assoc. Professor Alan Hogg (University of Waikato)

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Assoc. Professor Mike Evans (University of Maryland)

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Assoc. Professor Melinda Allen (University of Auckland)

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Dr. Alex Morrison (University of Auckland)

Dr Helen McGregor (Australian National University)

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Associate Professor Allen Gontz (University of Massachusetts Boston)

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Students hosted

Alex Lopatka - University of Maryland, PhD candidate

Grace Duke - University of Maryland, BSc candidate

Monica Velez-Ortiz, University of Massachusetts Boston, MSc candidate

Andre Schettino, Boston University, BA candidate

Daniel Finco, Boston University, BA candidate

John-Mark Woolley, University of Auckland, MSc candidate

Tom Brookman, University of Canterbury, PhD completed 2014

Michaela Petrove, University of Auckland, MSc candidate

Tom Harvey, Victoria University of Wellington, MSc candidate