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Because we can only go to Antarctica if the waters are ice-free, this section of our website is generally updated in during the southern hemisphere's summer months.

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In October a team of scientists from New Zealand and Finland travelled to Antarctica for a scientific diving expedition under the ice.
NIWA’s research vessel Tangaroa sets off for a six-week voyage to Antarctica in February. Six of those aboard explain what they’re doing, what they’re worried about and the one thing they wouldn’t be without.
A dramatic change in sea ice this year is likely to hamper a NIWA-led research project aiming to better understand how ice shelves will melt as the ocean warms.
The Deep South National Science Challenge is one of New Zealand’s most audacious collaborative projects in recent times.
Pioneering NIWA scientists are returning to the cold continent in October, this time to focus on the seabed.
The Ross Sea Marine Protected Area (MPA) in the Southern Ocean will help further research into the ecology of Antarctic toothfish.
Top of Natalie Robinson’s to-do list right now is to work out exactly what she’s brought back from Antarctica.
A bright pink sea star and an orange sea spider are among the strange creatures of the Antarctic sea floor featured on new commemorative stamps.
A tape measure and a drill will be pretty much all the tools a NIWA scientist needs when he heads to Antarctica next week.
NIWA scientists are this week making the final preparations for one of the organisation’s busiest summers at Antarctica.
NIWA may lose valuable scientific equipment after two massive icebergs broke off the Antarctic coastline over the weekend.
The Southern Ocean is our marine backyard. Its boundary laps against the south of the South Island. To find out how the Southern Ocean affects life in New Zealand, we went to NIWA’s Dr Mike Williams, physical oceanographer.
NIWA scientists have anchored an echosounder to the sea floor of Terra Nova Bay that could reveal the mystery of silverfish reproduction under the Antarctic ice.
Dr Richard O’Driscoll, Voyage Leader aboard RV Tangaroa for the NZ-Australia Antarctica Ecosystems Voyage 2015 says the research project accomplished all science objectives they set out to achieve.
Now back on dry land, Voyage Leader Richard O'Driscoll reflects on the final days of RV Tangaroa's 2015 Antarctica expedition.
A research voyage in Antarctic waters faces the tyranny of distance and ice during every hour of the six-week voyage.
NIWA scientists aboard RV Tangaroa have been trawling the central Ross Sea calculating the abundance of the prey species.
NIWA voyage leader Dr Richard O’Driscoll updates the Tangaroa’s encounter with the planet’s largest living beings – the Antarctic blue whales – and discovers what’s on their menu.
The video below follows Sir Peter Blake Trust Ambassadors Zac Penman and Blake Hornblow as they undertake their sea survival training in preparation for Antarctica.

A New Zealand-led survey of young toothfish in Antarctica has found high densities of the highly-prized fish in the southern Ross Sea.

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