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What happened in the South Pacific's Big Bang?

NIWA scientists and The Nippon Foundation have been on a mission to discover the undersea impacts of the Hunga Tonga - Hunga Ha’apai volcanic eruption.

Follow the Tonga underwater survey voyage on board the RV Tangaroa


Open wide: snapper teeth secrets

NIWA and University of Auckland masters student Georgia Third is getting up close and personal with snapper guts and teeth to understand the differences between biologically distinct snapper populations in New Zealand.

Will it be a fintastic fishing year?

A marine heatwave is happening all around New Zealand. Warmer waters are more pleasant for swimming in and can create wilder weather. But what do they mean for fishing? Let’s dive into the science behind getting a good catch.

Studying a fragile and alien icy world

NIWA scientists are doing what no others have done before. In a mysterious world just below the Antarctic ice, a delicate web of ice crystals forms a habitat that’s unique and largely unknown. Until now…

Rewilding green-lipped mussels

You can’t take a trip to the Marlborough Sounds and fail to notice the patchwork of buoys bobbing in the blue waters. Suspended under these buoys are kilometres of lines, each in turn with their own much smaller lines trailing beneath. These lines, less than a millimetre in diameter, are the anchoring byssal threads (or beards) of green-lipped mussels.