Summer Series 2016

This is a special series of stories put out to the media in the 2016/2017 summer.

  • Summer series week 6: Creatures reveal true colours up close

    Media release
    From a tiny caddsifly to a frolicking dusky dolphin, NIWA staff have captured some beautiful images of insects, birds, fish—and a particularly handsome frog.
  • Summer Series week 5: Life's a beach

    Media release
    Six scientists reveal their favourite beaches but also observe how they’re changing.
  • Summer Series week 4: Scientist keeps cool head on the ice

    Media release
    Top of Natalie Robinson’s to-do list right now is to work out exactly what she’s brought back from Antarctica.
  • Summer Series week 3: Above and beyond, a voyage in the pacific

    Feature story
    A NIWA technician spends four days and three nights on a crowded boat heading to one of the most remote places in the Pacific to help install a weather station. Conditions are so arduous he decides to quit his job - but how do you do that in the middle of the ocean?
  • Summer Series week 2: Scientists set up offices in the great outdoors

    Media release
    Summer is for scientific fieldwork. Three NIWA scientists are heading into the wild blue yonder, some with fancy technology and others with a coffee cup and a bag of party balloons.
  • Summer Series week 1: NIWA's year of science

    Media release
    A year is a short time in science but a lot happened in 2016. NIWA highlights its top scientific endeavours of the past 12 months.