RV Tangaroa

RV Tangaroa is New Zealand’s only ice strengthened and dynamically positioned deep-water research vessel.

Equipped for ocean science, oil and gas exploration and marine engineering, Tangaroa provides a sophisticated environmental survey and ocean science platform throughout the South Pacific, Southern Ocean and Antarctica.

Key features

DP2 – dynamic position system

Fitted out with a Dynamic Positioning (DP2), Tangaroa can remain stationary or track a precise path,  even in the often challenging Southern Ocean environment.

Find out more about the dynamic positioning system (DP2)

RV Tangaroa’s hull-mounted multibeam echosounder and sub-bottom profiler

RV Tangaroa’s multibeam echosounder can survey the seabed to hydrographic quality. The sub-bottom profiler can produce high-resolution imagery of the geology up to 200m below the seabed.

Watch this video to see how Tangaroa's multibeam system is used for bathymetric (seabed) mapping:

Further specifications and principal features

The vessel is equipped with a range of modern and sophisticated equipment enabling sampling and measurements to be taken from the sea surface, through the water column to the seabed and below.

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From the tropical waters of the pacific to the icy waters of Antarctica, read about RV Tangaroa's latest voyages.   


RV Tangaroa [Dave Allen]
Birds eye view of RV Tangaroa as it came into to Wellington Harbour, 2019. [Dave Allen]
RV Tangaroa, Dunedin Open Day 2019. [Stuart Mackay]
Barry Fleming (left) and Michael Michie (right) ready the seamount sled for re-deployment after it has been emptied on deck (rocks on left). The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution 'Sentry' is in the foregorund. Photo taken by Kareen Schnabel.
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