RV Ikatere

A versatile inshore vessel, RV Ikatere is equipped with high-precision multibeam and sub-bottom profiler transducers for surveying and mapping the seabed.

Highly manoeuvrable, this vessel is ideal for work in shallow water: e.g., deploying buoys, moorings and seabed sampling.

Ikatere on the western side of Kapiti Island. [Dave Allen, NIWA]

Specifications and principal features

Name RV Ikatere
Year of Construction 2009
Length 13.9 metres
Beam 4.9 metres
Draft 0.7 metres
Gross tonnage
15 tonnes
Cruising speed 28 knots
Construction Marine grade aluminium

Electronic equipment

Radar 48 Nm
GPS Plotter Koden KGC-1


Cell Phone OceanCell
Marine Radio Horizon GX 1500S VHF


Manager - Marine Resources
General Manager - Vessel Operations
Dr Joshu Mountjoy on RV Ikatere during Tsunami hazard project off Kaikoura. [Dave Allen, NIWA]
Ikatere on Wellington Harbour
On board Ikatere, marine Geologist Arne Pallentin views a multi-beam scan of the sea-floor west of Kapiti Island. [Dave Allen, NIWA]