Activity five: Planning for uncertainty

Students will apply understanding gained from previous activities and will engage in the uncertainty of climate change and its implications.

Learning intention: Applying understanding gained from previous activities and the adaptation toolbox tasks, students engage in the uncertainty of climate change and the implications this has on planning for and adapting to its impacts.

This actitvity involves completing Taskpad Step 5: Long-term planning and monitoring. Students will analyse key climate uncertainties, how to plan for them and what this could look like and how it could change over time. This relates to Step 5 of the Climate Change Adaptation Toolbox: Long-term planning.

Fill out Step 5 of Taskpad in groups (you should have downloaded the Taskpad in Activity One

  • Discuss what each group came up with. 

Reflect on the Taskpad and adaptation options discussed and outlined

  • Discuss the process you’ve gone through as a class – what was difficult and what was easier?
  • What would you do differently if you had more time or money?
  • Any other thoughts or reflections?
  • What do you think your whānau or community would think of your plan?

Replay My coastal futures game

  • Game link:
  • Discuss as a class – did you make different decisions after going through the Climate Change Adaptation Toolbox and Taskpad?
  • How did these decisions affect your outcomes?

Congratulations, you've finished – we'd love your feedback!