Bernard Miville

Manager Operational Forecasting


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Bernard is an ex-meteorologist with a BSc (Hons Physics) and MSc (Meteorology) from McGill University (Canada). He manages the environmental forecasting operation part of EcoConnect, where several numerical models developed at NIWA are producing weather, ocean and river forecasts and satellite images are processed mainly for commercial and research users. Bernard also does a fair amout of work for the Pacific with data integration and tools for the Climate Early Warning System (CLEWS) and the development of the delivery systems like CliDEsc and CliDesc Portal.

Bernard was a meteorologist and sea ice forecaster for over 17 years for Environment Canada working in Vancouver, Ottawa and Victoria. He was also the data manager for a number of years for the CliC-SCAR WMO-WCRP program based at the Norwegian Polar Institute (Tromsø, Norway) and for the IODP program based in Hokkaido University (Sapporo, Japan). 

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