Beloved Barnacles

An interactive guide to the barnacles of New Zealand. 

Barnacles (Cirripedia) are sessile crustaceans, found in most marine environments and even many brackish habitats, from rock crevices in the intertidal zone, on the bottom of boats, on fishing nets and down into the deep sea. For the most part, they are an easily recognizable group.

Beloved Barnacles is a fully illustrated working e-guide to the most commonly encountered species of Cirripedia, the gooseneck and acorn barnacles of New Zealand. It is designed for New Zealanders like you, who live near the sea, dive and snorkel, explore our coasts, make a living from it, and for those who educate and are charged with kaitiakitanga, conservation and management of our marine realm.

The e-guide starts with a simple introduction to living barnacles, followed by a simple species index, detailed individual species pages, and finally, icon explanations and a glossary of terms. As new species are discovered and described, new species pages will be added and an updated version of this e-guide will be made available.



Principal Technician - Marine Biology
Smooth gooseneck barnacles Lepas anatifera washed up on a bottle on Ohawe Beach. [Photo: Karen Pratt, Project Reef South Taranaki]
The spiny stalked barnacle Calantica spinosa found in the intertidal zone on rocky shores. [Photo: Chris Woods / NIWA]
Columnar barnacle, Chamaesipho columna, on rocks in the intertidal zone. [Photo: Sadie Mills / NIWA]
The blue buoy barnacle Dosima fascicularis washed up on the beach attached to a by-the-wind-sailor Velella velella. [Photo: Karen Pratt, Project Reef South Taranaki]