Lauder technician rediscovers historic data


A climate scientist at NIWA’s Lauder Station research centre in Central Otago has stumbled across the oldest known mid-infrared spectra – scientific readings taken 30 years ago on 29 May 1985.

Atmospheric technician Dan Smale rediscovered the data while archiving and updating historical archives at the high-country observatory.

World-class atmospheric data is collected and analysed at Lauder Station to add to knowledge about global climate change.

Explaining the relevance of the find, Mr Smale says: "By measuring the sunlight-absorbing molecules in the atmosphere, we can see changes over time in the ozone layer and in ozone-destroying substances."

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Old data stored on floppy disks 30 years ago adds to research material gathered by more modern techniques. [NIWA] 
Atmospheric Technician Dan Smale. [NIWA]