Dr Rosemary Hurst wins award

Rosemary has forged a path for female scientists in a heavily male-dominated industry.

In front of an audience of 120 in Parliament's Grand Hall, NIWA’s Fisheries Chief Scientist Rosemary Hurst won the inaugural 2020 Minister of Fisheries Award, presented by the Minister of Fisheries Hon Stuart Nash. The award represents outstanding dedication and innovation towards the sustainability of New Zealand’s seafood sector. 

The Seafood Sustainability Awards were established by Fisheries New Zealand to recognise and celebrate those who have made significant contributions to the sustainability of our fisheries and aquaculture. This inaugural awards ceremony was attended by key industry, Māori, fisheries managers, NGO representatives and researchers – reflecting the profound importance of the industry to the New Zealand society and economy. 

Rosie is one of New Zealand’s leading fisheries experts, and her expertise in middle depth and inshore fisheries resource surveys and stock assessment, climate effects on fisheries, and fish communities is keenly sought.

As well as forging a path for female scientists in a heavily male-dominated industry, Rosie has played a pivotal role in the management of New Zealand’s wild fisheries through her participation on fisheries working groups, and the publication of more than 80 science papers and fisheries technical and assessment reports. She has worked closely with industry, government and fishers to communicate her research, and ensuring the sustainability of our fisheries has been at the heart of her 40-year science career.

For the past nine years as Chief Scientist, she has led NIWA’s National Centre for Fisheries, driving science excellence, initiating and facilitating new approaches, and ensuring NIWA generates the best available information for managing the nation’s fisheries.

Science achievements over her career have contributed directly to export earnings now well in excess of $200 million per year, and New Zealand is internationally renowned for the successful sustainable management of its fisheries. Rosie’s research has been a key contributor to this. She is held in high regard for her science knowledge, and is deeply respected within industry and government for her objectivity, integrity and passion.

NIWA applauds this fisheries sustainability awards initiative. It will become an important factor in driving the innovation New Zealand needs to ensure ongoing sustainable fisheries. Excellent science has been the foundation of our world-leading, and widely acclaimed, quota management system, and NIWA – and its predecessor organisations – has provided more than 80% of the research that has underpinned the annual fishery stock assessments. 

The Minister of Fisheries Award is the pinnacle of the New Zealand Seafood Sustainability Awards. Awards were presented in five other categories - operational innovation, market innovation and value-added, kaitiakitanga, supreme sustainability and emerging leadership.

We should all be very proud of this recognition of our fundamental role in New Zealand’s sustainable seafood industry. Dr Rosemary Hurst, congratulations on this outstanding acknowledgement! 

 Rosie with Minister of Fisheries Hon Stuart Nash.
Awards were handed out in five other categories - operational innovation, market innovation, kaitiakitanga, sustainability and emerging leadership.     
The event took place in the Parliament's Grand Hall, in front of an audience of 120 people.